Saturday, August 31, 2019

How Can We Blame This On White Gun Owners?: At High School Football Game in Alabama Between All-Black Schools, Black Gunman Shoots At Least 10 People

Via John

What happens when a 100 percent non-white high school plays a 99 percent non-white high school in a football game in the state of Alabama? It should be noted for those unfamiliar with the two high schools, almost every student is black.

Why does this matter? Because the following event can’t be blamed on white gun-owners who fund the NRA with their lavish donations. This mass shooting involved only black people. [UPDATE: 9 shot, teen arrested in football shooting,, August 31, 2019]:


  1. Being a 100% black crime/shooting spree this event does not serve the agenda of the left and their media whore accomplices. It will be QUICKLY buried and something else will be touted to distract the masses.....essentially it's just like EVERY weekend in Chitcago.

  2. Even the local Fox channel on devoted about 10 seconds to this. As far as the "fake-news" media violent theme credo goes: If it's white push it all in sight. If it's black, hold it all back.

  3. Once again, "the GUN FELL into the wrong hands". --Ron W