Saturday, August 31, 2019

Pete D’Abrosca: NC Patriot or Grifter

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I look at actions versus words - if their actions and policies are consistent with their rhetoric, versus someone who says one thing (to get elected for example) but then does little or nothing to actually do so once in office.

In this particular instance, he is young, 27, and has just released a book he wrote on dishonest mass media (which I have not read) - he also posts on a couple websites and apparently runs this one. He wrote this piece, exposing the false narrative of gun grabbers in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

His campaign website is lacking much detail, not least his biography. Instead, it does have a donations page. If I understand it correctly, he appears to have been a native of Rhode Island, and most recently went to law school there.

I have limited interest in this, since I live in the formerly western frontier of NC, now called Tennessee. But for those of you folks who are trying to stem NC's slide into degeneracy, I thought it might be of interest. I am a big supporter of NCFIRE and in my outreach to Mr. D'Abrosca earlier today I asked if he was aware of the organization, particularly given that his major issue is immigration.

If, in fact, he is sincere in his platform, despite his youth and probable inexperience, I thought he may be a useful asset to cultivate. Conversely, if he is a grifter, it might be worthwhile to make others aware, most especially if he is a plant meant to simply draw votes away from an incumbent in a primary challenge.


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