Saturday, August 31, 2019

PATCON XVI June 6, 2020 ********IS ON!

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Event will follow schedule of  PATCON's  before and will be updated as events/speakers/classes/sponsors/raffle items are added. (See below) 

13th NC PATCON October 4th - Octob...



Southern Manners Are Expected From all.  As my mother would say, if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all.  Thank you. :)

 Under 7, free

  7-12, $14

  13 and up, $25

Includes world famous East Carolina *Pig Pickin' on Saturday

*Chopped pork, Southern fried chicken, black eyed peas, string beans, baked beans, rolls, tea, water and banana pudding.

If you are planning to attend the June PATCON,  please remit your fees ASAP.  Please send check to address below.  I do not deposit checks until the week before and I would appreciate all remit funds now.  Thank you. 

Brock Townsend
94 Roberson School Road
Tarboro, NC 27886

The funds will be used for seating, tables, porta potties, Eastern North Carolina Barbecue with all the trimmings, equipment and tent. We would like to encourage company sponsors to donate money for this event. Any company donating $50 or more will be listed as a sponsor on the website and at the PATCON.

Free camping Wednesday - Sunday.

  No animals, please, as my Peacock is more than sufficient to annoy all but me.:)

The PATCON will be held at 
*94 Roberson School Rd

Tarboro, NC 27886 

*Use the front entrance for those camping. As you cross the second set of cattle guards, camp to the right in the area with fruit trees alongside the fence and a fire pit in the middle.  For those not camping,  come in the side entrance by the graveyard and parking will be in the area of the two tobacco barns.


The Spring PATCON will be held as usual with meet and greet to 11 AM, a speaker until noon and then the usual barbecue. Afterwards,  speakers in the PM  ending with a raffle as before.


A demonstration of digital communications mode on HF radio using Fldigi will be given by Tom Green.  This will include covering a few of the online tools for radio propagation prediction.  An NVIS antenna will be used to make contacts  out to the 400 mile range.

A demonstration of web based video communications and video podcasting will also be given by Tom Green using the free Open Broadcaster Software Studio program and Cisco Webex.  During our Governor’s “Stay at Home” Executive Order, video communications has become a popular method for holding meetings while hiding from COVID-19 in your home. And since the Governor won’t say for certain if/when the state will be opened back up to normal activities in time for the General Elections, you have several months yet to learn how to take advantage of online video meetings.  The Webex meeting number and password will be given out in the next few days so you can participate in this web meeting.

A “Special Guest” , via this online video meeting, will hold a brief roundtable meeting.  Put your thinking caps on for discussion on a range of topics in the spicy times ahead.

On June 6th, Ivor Hael will host an online Webex meeting beginning at 9:30 a.m. and run until 4:30 p.m. EDT.

Webex Meeting Number 126 990 2213
Password 739umX283Fj

You do not need a Webex account to join, nor will you incur any cost for this meeting, but you will have to download a small program to generate the encryption keys for this meeting.
You will also be asked for a name/email address that will be used as a label for your connection name.
Pretty sure the email addresses are not verified (by Google) but we can't all be called Ivor Hael now can we.

your host,
Ivor Hael

Raffle Items

$500 in $50 Gift Cards from Widener's donated by NCPATCON
There will be a vote by  attendees  as to whether or not there will draws in increments of $50, $100, $250 or $500.
 Widener's Blogger Contest Winner

All 12 gauge 2 3/4. 2 of the first 2 as pictured and a case of the Federal.
The Widener's's above for $500 will only be included if we have sufficient attendance.



 Coleman 2000009033 Compact Propane Lantern

Henschel Breezer Hat with CoolMax Band

Two above donated by Cousin John 

****************** America's #1 Source for Discount Ammo Online

   One $100 Gift Card for your next bulk ammo purchase. Donated by


The Working Man's Hedge Fund T-Shirt

A 2nd Amendment Shirt. Donated by Libertas Bella


Two each.

 Donated by



  1. Hi Brock,
    "Dropped da'BOMB!!" on'emat wally world... 'Ain't gonna' be around from 01 thru 18JUNE!! I only work there 3 days a week so they won't miss me much!!
    Standing by for more info...


    1. Great and there will be more on the one month notice but you are welcome to come early!

    2. Received funds from Skybill and friend as well as from Bob Harris and I thank you.

    3. Received funds from Cousin John,Richard Sasser, Clark Howell and Allen Aycock and I thank you.

    4. Radio class in PM posted. Should be fun.

    5. Radio class information expanded above.

    6. Received funds from Harry Lynch and wife. See you soon!

    7. Relieved funds from Terence Schofield. Thanks.