Wednesday, October 30, 2019

California, the Chinese, and Nullification


J.P. Morgan, tycoon banker and a close friend to President Stephen Grover Cleveland, observed that “a man always has two reasons for the things he does a good one and the real one.[1] In the case for reconstruction the Republicans who ruled the senate majority knew they needed to do something to prevent the reseating or readmitting of Southern senators as well as keeping the votes of the south and west from going Democrat. The tool they used were amendments and acts cloaked under the name of “civil rights.” The Republican congress in their successful political coup took from the electorates their votes and handed it over to those who lacked knowledge or understanding of the American system. However, as long as the votes went to the Republicans in order to pass their railroad acts, tariff acts, and currency acts, it did not matter the relations between any group of people. Therefore establishing the true motive for the republican congress as only being the ability to hold a new found monopoly over the recreation of American Government. Moving it from the founders republic to a national republic in attempts to usurp all powers and consolidate the states under one government.

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