Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Leaked Slides Show 84% Of Women Failing Army Fitness Test; Official Responds

Via Billy

American Flag and Camoflage (Military Series) - stock photo

Leaked slides of Army physical fitness testing results went viral after being posted by an Army-centered Facebook group. The figures show that a stunning 84% of women who’ve taken the new Army Combat Fitness Test have failed, whereas 70% of men have passed. 

However, according to Army Times, officials involved in collecting data for the new test claim the slides are not “official documents” from the Center for Initial Military Training. 


  1. Gosh. Who could have guessed? If the military used women in the roles they traditionally performed in the WACS, WAVES and WM, i.e., to free up a man for combat, this wouldn't be a problem as they wouldn't take a Combat Fitness test. Unfortunately the activists think excluding women from combat denies them equal opportunity with men. These are probably the same activists who think transgender athletes are a good idea.