Tuesday, October 8, 2019

TIMING MATTERS: A THREAD on the MAJOR points in the timeline of the #Russiagate / #Ukrainegate operation by the Clinton operatives working with the @DNC and State Department that EVERYONE seems to be missing.

Via indyjonesouthere

I’ve been saying for years that people make a HUGE mistake making Fusion GPS & Glenn Simpson the fall guy in the #Russiagate story.

He’s a patsy. This is MUCH bigger and it’s easy to prove, if you are open to facts.

This started BEFORE that...even before the ‘hack.”

So, let’s establish the times of one key event — when did Fusion GOS hired Christopher Steele, who put together the Steele dossier.

If we look at Glenn Simpson’s sworn Senate testimony, it was May or June of 2016.


  1. Lee Stranahan is a great journalist.
    Check him out at the "Populist.TV" and "Fault Lines Radio" channels on youtube.
    He digs into the important details.
    Thanks for posting his work.
    An example of a recent video from him:
    Biden and...why people are afraid to tell the truth.