Monday, February 24, 2020

Green card rules go into effect for immigrants

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 Image result for iGreen card rules go into effect for immigrants

The Trump administration on Monday is implementing the long-awaited “public charge” rule that restricts green cards for immigrants deemed likely to be reliant on welfare — a rule furiously opposed by Democrats, but one that officials argue will protect taxpayers and align with American principles.

“It’s consistent with our law for over 140 years, it's a core American value of self-sufficiency, and it’s just plain old logic — what country wants to bring welfare problems into its society? We don't want to do that,” acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News ahead of the rule going into effect. "We’re happy to open our doors to people from all over the world but we expect them to stand on their own two feet."

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  1. I don't want to see people from all over the world in my country;
    I want to see the Civil Rights Act of 1965 abolished and MY country
    repaired from its debasement.

    1. Which would require another war and it would call for the Black Flag as Stonewall wanted.

  2. I think the idea that Jackson advocated the "blag flag" stems from his answer to a staff officer's question (at the battle of Fredericksburg: “How shall we ever cope with the overwhelming numbers of the enemy ?” Jackson’s reply: “Kill them, sir, kill every man!”

    1. Thanks and I remember that quote.

      we ought to meet the Federal invaders on the outer verge of just right and defence, and raise at once the black flag, "No quarter to the violators of our homes and firesides!"

      "Kill them, sir! Kill every man!"
      I see this and the black flag within a few paragraphs of each other at the link below.,+sir,+kill+every+man!%E2%80%9D+stonewall%27&source=bl&ots=NMrgPXJoCU&sig=ACfU3U2ksBcjBk8PtCI51BR2muj_Fzkc_g&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiHxLGE0-3nAhWTMX0KHSW-BUYQ6AEwAHoECAkQAQ

  3. Thank you. Stonewall was very modest and religious but he was
    determined to protect his side of the country. Sad ending for
    him and all others.
    " Jackson was truly a modest man. He would blush like a school-girl at a compliment. He was easily confused in the presence of strangers, especially if they were ladies. It is well known that the noisy demonstrations which the troops always made when they saw him were painfully embarrassing to him. This was usually attributed to his innate modesty; but that was not the sole cause. It had its origin in a higher source. In the last interview I ever had with him, he said: "The manner in which the press, the army, and the people seem to lean upon certain persons is positively frightful. They are forgetting God in the instruments he has chosen. It fills me with alarm." Did this fear foreshadow his own sad fate at the hands of his own men, who almost idolized him? "These newspapers with their trumpery praise make me ashamed," said General Lee to me at Petersburg. What a lesson is here to flatterers!

    But the admiration for Jackson was by no means confined to his own soldiers and to his own section. The Federal prisoners always expressed a great desire to see him, and sometimes loudly cheered him. This was particularly the case at Harper's Ferry, where the whole line of eleven thousand prisoners greeted him with lusty shouts. Citizens say that the hostile troops always spoke of him with marked respect. While he was making his stealthy march around Pope's rear, as still as the breeze, but eventually as dreadful as the storm, a Philadelphia paper remarked, "The prayerful partizan has not been heard from for a week, which bodes no good." "Where is Jackson?" I asked an Irish prisoner, who was astonished beyond measure to find a rebel grasp upon his shoulder. With the apt readiness of his people, he replied, "Faith, and that's jist the trouble all the time, shure."

  4. "Washington's Troops wore the Black Cockcade during the Revolution."

    No Surrender.


    1. So both they and their foe would brook no surrender and would be killed if either side did so?

  5. Brock, are you still in Mexico? There is a newly diagnosed
    case of the virus in South America. Think you better be
    heading on home?

    1. I am Tuesday but by chance. Check out this taxi trip. :)

  6. Thanks. People are panicking and everybody is suspect.
    Michael Savage who lives in San Francisco, states he is wearing
    gloves, just regular outerwear gloves. I think it is biological
    weapon virus, extremely sophisticated sent from the University
    of NC to China. I guess you have to take a plane home for the
    most part. At least when you get home you don't have to worry
    about being in an international travel city.
    Washington: surrender is not an option to the foe - kill them all.

    1. sent from the University of NC to China.

      Thanks and do you have a link?

    2. Yes, let me go look for it.

    3. I listened to Prof. Boyle's video yesterday and he mentioned
      UNC twice but it has been removed; not the video but his
      mention of UNC. But, I found the transcript where he
      does mention UNC's involvement. The passage is about
      one-fourth of the way down with the starting statement,
      "All right, well.....
      Son of a gun.

    4. Thanks and I see that but only "The UNC labs should be shut down, everyone investigated for violating the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act." But no more mention of UNC, so does this stand for the university or...........?

    5. Now I see

      "I think I have the definitive evidence where this came from and it came from the BSL-3 biowarfare lab at the University of North Carolina."
      "Alex: –and that was the University of?
      Dr. Boyle: North Carolina. Right? They have a BSL-3 biowarfare lab there.

      Alex: Oh, that’s something I keep reading that they do level four stuff at level threes, right?" "involved in this DNA genetic engineering of SARS, which is already a biological warfare agent to give it gain of function activities. And it has all these people there from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill." " these best scientists at the University of North Carolina took dirty money from China to allow that one of their top biowarfare experts from this Wuhan Institute of Virology and Wuhan, which has the BSL-4 facility, they knew exactly what they were doing, and they permitted this Chinese scientist to work with them to give gain of function biowarfare DNA genetic capability to SARS"
      "condemned this North Carolina lab because doing gain a function work on MERS as I said."" they were paying this North Carolina lab in cooperation with the Wuhan BSL-4 lab and program to develop biological warfare weapons—""the Wuhan scientists took the North Carolina SARS with gain of function, which is already a biological warfare weapon,"Wuhan BSL-4 facility trying to DNA genetically engineer the North Carolina technology,"
      I still fail to see any reference mentioned as to where he received the information.

    6. Not closing down the university but the level 3 lab which
      is really a functioning level 4.
      You know, there are so many rumors out there, who the heck
      knows what to believe. But, what I do know, I don't
      trust them.

    7. I don't trust no one, no body, no..? these days. :) Thanks.