Monday, February 24, 2020

Read Them All: They said it would stop at Confederate monuments.

Several months ago, I attended a speech given by Paul Gramling, the commander-in-chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, to the Northeast Louisiana Brigade of the SCV at the Lieutenant Elijah H. Ward Camp in Farmerville, Louisiana. In his oration, Mr. Gramling declared that the hoopla about removing the Confederate monuments was not really about the Confederate monuments. “We are just the low-hanging fruit,” he declared. He stressed that the attacks were just part of a neo-Marxist attack upon traditional American values.

After I returned home, I contemplated Commander Gramling’s poignant remarks. It occurred to me that he was right and that the political Left in the United States wants no heroes except its own. The statues of the Confederate leaders and their men, in fact, were not the first targets. That dates back to the 1950s when they began their full-scale assault on the presence of God and Jesus Christ in the public square.[1] They, unfortunately, have been remarkably successful in this phase of their endeavor. How has this success manifested itself? In the late 1950s, a survey was conducted to determine the worst problems faced by teachers in public schools.

The Big Three challenges were: children talking too loudly; children chewing gum in class; and children running in the halls.

Using judicial activism, dubious logic, cowardly politicians, and corrupt and incredibly biased judges, the Leftists have largely succeeded in ousting Christianity from the schools. What is the result of their success?

What are the three biggest problems faced by teachers today? Teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, and violence in the institutions of higher education, including occasional mass shooting. 

That, however, is the subject for another time. The issue I would like to address today is: What are their next targets?

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