Wednesday, June 24, 2020


On Saturday June 6th, PATCON XVI was held at Dixieland near Tarboro. With just under two dozen in attendance, there was a brief introduction to Digital Mode on HF Radio using Fldigi, and afterwards an introduction to video meetings using Zoom and Cisco Webex. Next there was the Bar-B-Q luncheon as always at PATCON. Then promptly at 1 p.m., the special guest via Webex, was none other than the author of the recently de-platformed Western Rifle Shooters Association website, who spoke at length about the continued censorship of conservative voices by Big Tech and the media - the usual Communists suspects.

We all need alternate lines of communications to fall back on, like PATCON, for those times when the main lines get cut off. (Good thing the new site,, is quickly up and running.) This may not be the Civil War we were all planning for, but it is the one we’re getting. And so far, the Blitzkrieg belongs to the Communists. The final point was made, that with all the chaos heading into the November Elections, how can we not expect even more chaos in the months that follow. At the close of PATCON, we had the raffle, where there were many items on the table. About half was various kinds of ammunition, and the balance made up of books, T-Shirts, a hat, and a nice Coleman propane lantern. Here’s hoping we can get even more participants thru Video conferencing in the fall at PATCON XVII.


Had a bit of fun this past weekend when the local commies wanted to protest the war memorial in downtown Graham.  Now our county manager is getting spineless and following the governors lead by saying, "even though there is a state law saying I can't do this, in the interest of public safety  I'm going to remove the war memorial".  Cowards all.  We have laws and a well funded police force to enforce those laws.  Don't wuss out just because it's the easy thing to do.  So now I have to schedule a time to speak before the county board again to compare our county manager, as well as the governor, to Neville Chamberlain and explain why that kind of thinking didn't work back in '38 and won't work today either.  In the meantime I need to do some night-time work on Pete's new site.  Not getting much help from the hosting tech support people.  Will have to start planning PATCON XVII  right after 4th of July, when we get to "celebrate our freedom".  Not inviting the governor.



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