Monday, June 29, 2020

North Carolina Sheriffs: It’s not our job to enforce the governor’s ‘mask orders’ – they are ‘not constitutional’

Via Jonathan

 North Carolina Sheriffs: It's not our job to enforce the governor's 'mask orders' - they are 'not constitutional'
Do it yourself.

That’s essentially the message that a group of sheriffs in North Carolina are sending to the governor over what they believe are unconstitutional mask orders.

Across the country, a number of governors have issued Executive Orders mandating the use of masks while in the public.

The majority of these orders specify that persons who cannot be a minimum of six feet apart and indoors must wear a mask or face a fine or imprisonment.  No one disputes that the numbers of positive cases have grown recently, but there is dispute as to what those numbers really mean.


  1. Constitutional is not the right word. The rule isn't passed by the legislature and so is not a criminal statute that can be enforced.

  2. An excellent stand. We are missing any semblance of courage in New Zealand and Australia. New Zealand especially is slipping into a socialist State with the sheeple bleating in obedience.

    1. What a change from the Vietnam war. If I went into a bar, I could only buy one beer, because they would hear my accent and buy them for me all night.