Monday, June 29, 2020

The Problem With Lincoln


“The problem with Lincoln is the problem with America,” said my friend Clyde Wilson when I asked him for a blurb for my new book, The Problem with Lincoln (Regnery, 2020).  That in fact is the theme of the book, written seventeen years after my first book on the subject, The Real Lincoln (TRL), as I shall explain.  A secondary theme comes from something that an academic reviewer of The Real Lincoln wrote at the end of his review seventeen years ago:  “Lincoln was even worse” than I portrayed him as being.

How was Lincoln “worse”; let us count the ways.  Lincoln was in fact an even more extreme racist and white supremacist (a typical man of the North, in other words) than I argued in TRL.  This speaks volumes not just of Lincoln but of the Lincoln cult in academe that has covered up these truths for generations.  In The Problem with Lincoln I document page after page of his own statements and declarations demonstrating this point, something that should inspire the current crop of left-wing “protesters,” arsonists, and vandals to begin dismantling all the Lincoln statues that scar the land.


  1. Thank you for posting this.

    I shared this on my FACEBOOK page, my USA LIFE page, and my GAB page.

    I frequently tell people that Abraham Lincoln was the worst president in American, having violated the Constitution, and committed treason by waging a totally unnecessary war, the bloodiest war in American history, and leaving us the overwhelming, mostly illegal, and thoroughly corrupt, humongous centralized federal government that plagues and oppresses us today.

    1. But, but....he freed the slaves doncha' know........?

  2. I would tell peopel Lincoln's quote. " I would prosecute this war if not one slave is freed " People who have no knowledge but trained opinion will just ignore facts . The world is getting dumber. Evolution has stopped.