Monday, June 29, 2020

Washington & Lee Professors Call for Removal of Robert E. Lee’s Name from University

Camp Douglas Memorial #516

I told my sister fairly recently that the Lee family should demand the removal of Lee's name and move all the Lee family members from their resting places including Traveller to have the SCV take honorable care of them.
100 Professors at Washington & Lee University are calling for the removal of General Robert E. Lee’s from the university’s name. In 1870 the university’s name was changed from Washington University after Lee assumed the role of university president.

According to a report by Campus Reform, faculty members at Washington & Lee University are calling for a change to the university’s name. The report claims that more than 100 professors at the university have called on administrators to erase the university’s relationship with Robert E. Lee. The most significant change would involve changing the university’s name.

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  1. Better still, remove 100 professors who object to the name and history of their employer and replace them with people who don't mind. It's such a huge hypocrisy that those professors knew all along who Lee was and chose to get hired there and build their careers associated with the name and reputation of that school. Now when it's popular among the other democratic party activists, they want the school to change its name. Typical.