Monday, August 17, 2020

Ammunition Shortage: Dutch Army Forces Soldiers to Shout ”Bang-Bang” & a Request for the upcoming PATCON.

Via Harry "So, what you need is a raffle off of more ammunition and I might just offer to bring some of a desired caliber or gauge to stir the pot….can you find others to bring ammo that folks would want to bid on and you could advertise about?"

No, it isn’t the first of April in the middle of August. This is the story about the current situation in the Dutch Army (Royal Netherlands Army), an army that employs just short of 23,000 people in a country populated by 17.4 million people. In 2019 the Dutch Army’s expenditure was €10.860 billion ($12.419 billion), but it’s apparent that the money isn’t enough even for basic training.


  1. I remember our country had the same problem during the Carter administration.


    1. Our soldiers were also reduced to shouting "Bang! Bang!" just before WWII, while using wooden dummy rifles. We were very ill-prepared, which makes our wartime production all the more remarkable.
      --Tennessee Budd