Monday, August 24, 2020

#Antifa chick demonstrating how to break in & pull drivers from a car while they protest. And the best rebuttal follows.

Via Scott


  1. I would like to slap that smug look off he face.

  2. Hi Brock!!!!!!,
    "MOST COOL!!!!" ..... part Deaux that is!! Although the guy shows a "Kool Tool!!" I would prefer a 1911-A1 in .45ACP by about any manufacturer!!! Just my preference but what the hell do I know??

    GOT GUNZ.......OUTLAW!!!!!!,

  3. FYI: Car windows break in 2 directions, sweetheart. My .40 cal. breaker works from the inside out.

    1. If, as she said, 'press' against the window, then she's gonna' be a pressin' for a longtime. :)

  4. Yep, .45 in the face will stop their crap every time.

  5. I had an old S&W 357 as my truck gun. When all this crap started it got put back in the safe and a 15 shot 10mm became the truck gun.

  6. I do want to thank Comrade Antifa for her PSA. Bless her little blond (air)head. Thanks for the heads up sweetie. I do have a possible substitute for those, whom having their mineral therapy Pez dispensers in their vehicle is not a recommended option. Some organizations have no sense of humor about such things, with the posted warning signs to make it known. However a military surplus bayonet just might serve as well. A long pointy thing (8 inches) will send a message that Antifa/MLM punk will cost them some blood. But as always the first rule is surviving a riot is not to be there. You just might find one that is already sharpened to a reasonable edge.