Monday, August 24, 2020

Detroit Fireman saves 3 girls from drowning … then dies drowning

Via 4Branch


Detroit Fire Sgt. Sivad Johnson, who went missing after saving three young girls from drowning in the Detroit River, died a hero Friday after he jumped in to save them. Johnson and his daughter were on a walk when they heard the girls screaming for help, according to media reports.

Johnson, 48, reportedly jumped in the water and helped get two of the girls to shore while another was picked up by a civilian on a boat. The boater told authorities there were rip currents where Johnson went in to help the girls.

A 26-year veteran of the Detroit fire department, Sivad Johnson received the department’s medal of valor in 2017.

“Sivad Johnson is a native Detroiter. He is married with two children. He’s also a second-generation firefighter with the Detroit Fire Department. Sivad is a Sergeant who has enjoyed 24 years, and counting, with the city now. He is an artist, who’s been drawing since four-years old, and has had the privilege of seeing his works at local businesses, in children’s books, newsprint, television, and even the fashion runway. A self-proclaimed “student of life” he is on a journey of discovery, growth, influence, and enriching experiences.”

Sivad was the voice behind the “To Bravely Do or Bravely Die” podcast.

A GoFundMe has been created to support Johnson’s family and it has already surpassed its $50,000 goal.


  1. There are still heroes out there. It takes a special type of person to purposely run into burning buildings or towards the sound of gun fire.