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Date of Arrest: August 19, 2020 - at Walmart Guildford Mall, Surrey, BC

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CEO change in the works at Walmart Canada | Supermarket News

Prior to arrest - on August 11, 2020 - I went to another Walmart at Surrey Central Mall.  On their loud speaker it said "as of August 12th it will be mandatory to wear a mask to shop at Walmart." I went to Customer Service to get clarification about this.  I told them I have a letter from my doctor excusing me from wearing a mask - and the clerk went to speak to her supervisor.  The clerk came back and told me "it is NOT mandatory to wear a mask if you do not want to."  I told her: "Why don't you explain to people on your loudspeaker that it is not mandatory - otherwise some irate customer could get angry with me because I am not wearing a mask?"  Well, this is exactly what happened to me one week later:  An irate male employee/customer? -called me a whoring slut because I was not wearing a mask at the Walmart Guildford entranceway.

Arrested at Walmart on August 19, 2020 at approx. 4:30pm.  I went to Walmart Guildford.  Upon entering  the store, -I was told by Sandy (Walmart door checker) that I must wear a mask to enter. I explained that Walmart Customer Service told me that it is not mandatory to wear a mask - and I told Sandy I have a doctor's letter excluding me from a mask.  Sandy told me I have to leave without a mask.  I asked to speak to Customer Service - and she said I could not come inside.  I asked to speak to the Store Manager and Sandy said, "there she is" (she was just walking through the door behind me.)  This woman Manager was 35 - 40's in age.  She had straight blonde hair past her shoulders and medium build.  She was medium build. When I asked for her name - she refused to give it to me. (I have never encountered a Manager refusing to give their name before.)  I asked to speak to her - so I could tell her about my doctor's letter and explain how Walmart Surrey Place told me mask wearing was not mandated.  She told me to leave their store.  I told her I plan on leaving - once I get her name.  I told her I spend a lot of money in this store and I will never shop here again.  She said she does not have time to talk to me and she scurried off after refusing to release her name.

Along with Sandy (Walmart door checker), and the Walmart Security doorman - another plain clothed Paladin Security Manager came up.  He said he was the Paladin Manager - his first name Isaac.  I kept telling everyone - I just want the Manager's name and I will leave. Various people were coming up to me - one older woman store clerk told me I am putting people in danger - she went on about how her relative died from Covid.  I just wanted the Manager's name so I could leave and deal with this incident in writing when I got home.  Sandy (door checker) - who happens to be an older friend of my daughter - had her back to me.  I tapped on her shoulder to get her attention.  I told her "do not ever talk to me again." (I only mention me tapping on Sandy's shoulder because when the Police arrived later they accused me of assaulting people and coughing on them).  While every employee was refusing to give me their name - I made it clear- I will never shop here again.

A younger man (30's) came up to me and told me I was embarrassing myself.  I asked him if he works here - and he replied "yes."  After telling me to put on a mask - he called me a "whoring slut."  Sandy heard it - the door Security guard heard it.  I asked for his name - and he would not give it to me.  I did not have my cell phone so I asked several Walmart employees to call the police.  They all refused. This guy then darted off towards the back of the store and I followed him as he was heading to the area where employees go in the back/middle of store.  (I was thinking - this Walmart employee just called me a whoring slut and I wanted his name to complain about him).  He was alone - and headed towards the back of the store.  When he realized I was still following him - he changed directions heading towards the front of the store - and then over to the food section.  At the food section he teamed up with a female who completely ignored me.  She pretended to be shopping with him, but they just threw a few grocery items into a hand held basket before quickly heading to the check out.  By this time I was yelling to the Walmart employees - can someone please call the police for me.  I wanted to know the name of the Walmart employee that had just called me a whoring slut. Finally, a Walmart woman employee told me she would call the police.

After this guy paid for his purchase they headed out the doors into the parking lot.  I followed them both out of the Walmart door - hoping that the police would arrive in time so I could finger this twerp.  The police were not outside so I waited outside of Walmart in the parking lot - next to cars - well away from the Walmart doors.  Another reason I stood away from the Walmart doors was - Paladin Security (Isaac) and Walmart's Manager were standing there.  I wanted nothing more to do with these people.

I still believe the guy that called me a whoring slut was in fact - a Walmart employee - just as he told me.  Maybe he was one of those undercover plain clothes detectives that watch shoppers. But when Walmart realized I was verbally assaulted by one of their own employees - with the 'whoring/slut name - they tried to fudge the facts by making it appear that he was just a customer.)  Whoever this guy was - employee or customer - he has a lot of disdain for women  to call an elderly woman (any woman) a whoring/slut. 

I waited outside in the parking lot for the police to come - well away from the Walmart doors. The Walmart Paladin Security (Isaac) and Walmart blonde haired Manager were also waiting outside - close to the doors.  The Manager was on the phone to the police I assume. 

The police showed:-

FILE NO:  2020 - 128246

Cst. Chris Froats 50354 - (Officer that searched my purse, and took my picture, and gave my dob and address to Paladin Manager.)
Cst. Janine Boyer 60729
Cst. Bawa Sidhu 62428

Isaac - Paladin Security Manager

When the police arrived I was first talking to Cst. Bawa Sidhu - She was reasonable enough at first and was listening to my story of my doctor's mask exemption letter and how I was called a whoring slut. I explained that all I wanted was the Manager's name - so I could go home and deal with this complaint in letter form. I made it clear to the Police - I will not be shopping at this Walmart again.

Then Cst Chris Froats interrupts and tells ME to listen.  He told me I can never go into Walmart again for one year.  I explained - I already told Walmart I will never be back here.

Cst. Bawa Sidhu then said I was under arrest and her and Cst. Froats put handcuffs on me and put me in the back of the cruiser.  I asked "what am I being arrested for?"  Cst. Sidhu said I was being arrested for disturbing the peace.

When I was in the cruiser -  Cst Bawa Sidhu said I was assaulting people and coughing on people - she said it was on tape.  I explained I know Sandy (door checker) - because she is a friend of my daughter.  I said I only tapped on Sandy's shoulder to get her attention - to tell her "never to talk to me again."

While I was in the cop cruiser - parked in front of the Walmart entrance - Cst. Chris Froats had my purse on the front of the cruiser.  He was going through everything in my purse and wallet and making lots of notes in his little writing pad.

While I was still in the cruiser - Cst Chris Froats asks for my birthdate and address to give to Paladin Security (Isaac) - who was standing right there.  I said I do not want Paladin having that information. Cst Chris Floats then verbally gave Paladin Manager (Isaac) my DOB.  I was then given a Wal-Mart Canada Corp. Notice Prohibiting Entry notice (see enclosed) - and I noticed my address is listed on this form (so Cst Froats gave Paladin my dob, name and address against my wishes.)

By the time I was let out of the cruiser - I was standing in the front of the cruiser with my handcuffs still on.  Cst. Chris Froats said he wanted to take my picture and I said no.  Cst. Froats then took my picture with my handcuffs on - from a cell phone.  I am not sure if this cell phone belonged to Paladin Security (Isaac's) or Cst. Froats - but Cst Froats took my picture. Unbelievable.

Heather Gillies


  1. I'm I thinking when the UnCivil war breaks out here, good 'ole Canada is going to be drawn into it and have their own level of spiciness. I have a couple of kanuck friends and they and their families and friends are mighty tired of trudueo, all the immigrants they keep importing that do not assimilate and the whole mask debacle.

    1. going to be drawn into it and have their own level of spiciness.

      Trudeau needs to go, that's for sure.

  2. This is what happens when two Karen's meet.


  3. OK, I'm a little confused as Heather sounds just like a Karen. All that running around and flapping of the jaws, demanding this, claiming that, wanting folk to submit to her and her special needs. Here is some late breaking news: If you are so obnoxious that Walmart won't let you in (and they let some pretty bizarre folk through their doors) you may want to do a little self examination.

    1. you may want to do a little self examination.


    2. Bravo, Mr. Townsend! I am in complete agreement.
      For my part, I haven't given a cent to Mall-Wart (brick-and-mortar or online) since 2015, & there will be a pleasant day in Hell before that will change.
      --Tennessee Budd

  4. It is absolutely time to start killing these people.

  5. Our forefathers would have done so.

  6. Tar and feathers. Or stocks, need to bring back the stocks.

    1. I have a picture of me in stocks after we took the ferry to Canada. :)

  7. Hi Brock,
    Like "Commifornia",, this is "Commanada!!!"

    Personally, I have found the best way to deal with these turds is to put on a mask as you walk in the door then take it off when you get inside and start going about.. Once inside... If any Koronakaren or ken accosts you I ask them,"What flavor do you like??" This takes them off guard and they inquire what do I mean?? I then say,"Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime or ''''GUYANA-GRAPE'''''???!!!!!" Now they are baffled!! ....While they are stuttering I then say... "It's obvious that you drank the 'Kool-Aid' so just wait for it to take effect!!" and I walk away....

    With regards to Jim Jones.....

    ...Speaking of ol' Jim.. reminds me...
    Back when the "People's Temple suicide" happened... one of my Skydivin' buddies conjured up a really "KOOL!!!" t-shirt!!
    Ya' know how the packages of Kool-ade have that frosted pitcher with face on it!!..
    The T-shirt had the Pitcher but the face was a "Skull and Bones".. with 2 "X's" for the eyes ... and it said "Guyana-Grape" flavor ... here's the klincher.... "Makes 2 Corpse's!!!!!"

    "Kool-Aid, Kool-Aid tastes Great!!!!,
    I like Kool-Ade,
    can't wait!!!"

    They sold out before i could get one!! I'll scour the net.. one of my sky-buddies has to have on in his or her archives!!

    When I get a copy, I'll post ya'!!!!

    Blue skyz,