Sunday, August 30, 2020

Only 9,210 Americans Died From COVID-19 Alone – Rest Had Different Other Serious Illnesses

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So get this straight – based on the recommendation of doctors Fauci and Birx the US shut down the entire economy based on 9,000 American deaths to the China coronavirus. 


We were first to report that the Director General of the WHO on March 3, 2020 a set off the panic with his highly flawed statement:


  1. That little weasel Fauci should be dragged out of his little weasel hole by his little weasel britches and prosecuted to the fullest by our court system for all the deaths he has caused not to mention our near collapse.
    All of us with half a brain knew he was incompetent by March and as much as I support President Trump I cannot for the life of me understand why he was allowed to continue spewing misinformation when especially so many other renowned Doctors and specialist were saying otherwise.
    He did the same dern thing during the HIV outbreak, the very same thing costing perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives by withholding vital information and cures.
    This man has been so incompetent it's criminal.

  2. The same with that Friedman with the CDC during the Ebola
    incident - he was an incompetent baffoon and people wanted him

    1. Not to mention the biggest hoax to ever spread across this planet claiming DDT was poisonous. I believe in the three decades it was disallowed it cost Africa & Asia over 7 million lives.
      And they demand we trust science?!

    2. Reborn....And they're never made accountable for their lies and misinformation...I wonder how many millions they made from all the deaths they caused.

    3. And they demand we trust science?!


    4. Brock....I read about this back in 2001 in my local library trying to find a good solution to our flea problem here. This was before getting a computer in 2010 and decided then to dig into this claim further.
      I was amazed at the level the DDT hoax was propagated from. I believe it was purely political and perhaps as with this covid virus, was created to cause significant human life, and it did.
      I've close to 6 years of data on this and the purposeful misinformation that is still being spread about DDT is unconscionable.

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    5. I remember reading Silent Spring in college. Thanks

  3. FAuci, Gates, and the Rockefeller gang want one thing that is no secret: A very much lower population in the world, about 1 billion, down from the current 7+ billion by any means necessary. Plus make lots of money in that Depopulation. AFrica has been their living lab for all the "vaccines" and new killing medicines and sterilization tools. This is NOT INCOMPETENCE. They know just what they are doing.

    Now they lulled just about everyone into a trance over this Plannedscamdemic. There is still no proof that this covid19 even exists let alone anything new-- so what this new revelation really shows is that essentially no one has died from anything new under the sun. SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome), which has all the same covid symptoms of dry cough, fever & shortness of breath (aka pneumonia), has been around since 2000. If it really does exist as Dr. Birx describes with multiple components of HIV/Fungus/Ebola/coronavirus, then that is a bio-weapon created by humans to hurt humans on purpose. Why no reaction to that disclosure she made months ago?

    I have downloaded all the new CDC data tables and narrative information today. It is just a little side note under "Co-morbidities" to tell us that only 6% of the total deaths were declared Only Covid19. But when you look into how any of these deaths are recorded, there is no need to prove anything, just attribute it to covid19 and the Hospitals and doctors get lots more money no questions asked. Hospitals accounted for 2/3 of the 164,000 covid19 deaths-- many were due to the ventilator treatment and not the disease?

    If Trump doesn't make a very big deal out of this "new CDC information" tomorrow, and these criminal governors are allowed to continue with the defacto Lockdown, then will people finally see that this never was about a new virus from a bat shishkabob? There have been FF wars, depressions and pestilence upon this country before, but this Tyrannical Shutdown is unprecedented.

    Trump, I am sorry to say, has done nothing to stop these criminals. By all appearances, DJT is quite proud of Operation Warp Speed, so I don't expect him to stop this on his own. Our vocal demands to the WH plus prayers to God to intervene from anyone having to take this 666 Jab.

    1. there is no need to prove anything, just attribute it to covid19 and the Hospitals and doctors get lots more money no questions asked.

      Precisely and Trump wasn't in on this but got persuaded because of the million upon millions of Americans who would die. :(

    2. You're absolutely right Siouxma....
      The President will have to address this or it could turn against him.

    3. Hadn't thought exactly about this.

  4. The link to let the President know what you think:

    Here is what I just wrote - I have trouble being pithy (duh!) and there is a word limit:

    Dear President Trump:
    The CDC weekly mortality update last week provided new Covid19 mortality information that single-handedly removes any justification for continuing home quarantining, mask edicts, social distancing, and all the other demeaning and useless orders that are ruining our country and our humanity... All under the pretense that we can’t get back to normal until we are all “vaccinated.” No thanks to any of it as it is all based on Lies, not objective science or proven clinical evidence.

    You shut this country down nearly 7 months ago on the word of CDC/WHO, Fauci, Gates and their minions that 2.2 million would die from this "new virus" from Wuhan –Now, 7 months later, Fauci, are wrong … again. Only 164,000 deaths attributed to SARS/Covid19 deaths with no clinical proof needed—94% of these deaths were mainly elderly people with 2-3 serious co-morbidities. So, less than 10,000 covid19 deaths (6%) with no co-morbidities. Just wondering how many of these people died because they were quickly put on a ventilator, aka exterminator.

    IN light of this new information, Operation Warp Speed must be halted, and a full investigation take place. If it is not stopped, everyone will know this was never about a pandemic but the very real destruction of our country as a free and sovereign nation. There is a cure for SARS/covid19 pneumonia, but why is it still being forbidden in many states? You took it and praised it. It’s because if there is a known cure, "vaccines" cannot be forced on us. This is more medical murder going unabated and the worst is yet to come if this Madness is not stopped.

    Mr. President, Forbid any forced vaccination edicts from Governors, unelected Health Dictators, and Employers/Businesses as a condition to fully participate in Society.

    Susan Remer