Saturday, September 12, 2020

Confederate Air Force Flies High in Richmond

Earlier this afternoon, The Virginia Flaggers sponsored a banner plane that flew for several hours over the NASCAR race at Richmond International Raceway and portions of downtown Richmond.  
 The promotion, code named “Confederate Air Force”, featured a large Confederate Battle Flag and the message “STILL THE CSA CAPITAL”, and served to remind Mayor Stoney, Governor Northam, and their extreme leftist Democrat friends in the Virginia legislature, that no matter how many graves they desecrate, monuments and memorials they destroy, or street or school names they erase, it does not change the fact that Richmond was, and always will be world renown as the “The Capital of the Confederacy”. 
Recent polls confirm that the majority of the citizens of the Commonwealth overwhelmingly OPPOSE Virginia democrats’ hate-filled, violent destruction of our history and heritage, and this plane sent the message loud and clear that those of us who understand the true history of the South, and understand the honor and valor of the citizen-soldier who answered the call to defend hearth and home against invasion,  will continue to do our duty to remember their courage and sacrifice.


  1. Heritage, not hate.
    Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
    This is your brain on drugs.
    We keep saying these things because they are TRUE!

    1. Your post jarred! a memory and something that I know will bring a Smile to your face.... that little plastic plack!! .... It resides in my archives of sacred treasures... and has a history that goes back to New Year's of 1963 in the Greyhound Bus Station in New Orleans when My Buddy John Farley dropped me off to go home to Hammond after our New Year's Party! I saw this Plack in the concession stand and "Fell in Love" It has withstood the treachery of the ages!! But it survives!
      If anyone is a member of the "Confederate Air Corps!" I am! (Not the Commemorative Air Force who sold out the "CONFEDERATE AIR FORCE" to the libtards! "BASTARDS!" I have flown the Confederate Flag on many skydives and will continue!
      IF Ever you need someone to skydive into an event and FLY "OUR FLAG!" (The biggest I can carry!) I'll do it ! NO CHARGE.I'll pay my way there and you just furnish the "LIFT!" I'll figure out everything else! Seriously! It will be an HONOR!