Saturday, September 12, 2020

George Floyd Ovedosed for the second time

Via 4Branch "I think we all knew this would be coming . . . take note, tho, that the contact report is for an incident in 2019, a year before his expiration. He got away with it once, why shouldn't he get away with it again?  Sorry Georgie boy, your luck ran out, bro" 


Haven't seen this in the news yet but it's huge for the George Floyd case: Apparently in May of 2019, Floyd was stopped by police for selling drugs, swallowed the drugs, and then had to be hospitalized for an overdose.


  1. I'm sure CNNABCNBCMSDNCNYTCBS will be all over this and spend weeks covering it 24/7.

    I've also got an oceanfront bridge in New Mexico to sell you. Very reasonably priced. Swearsies.

  2. Hey take him up on the bridge. I live in New Mexico and I have seen it!😈