Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The Great Reset: The Global Elite's Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives

what is the great reset

Brock: The Great Reset is upon us. The latest from talks about the Great Reset in detail: What it is, why the elites are pushing it and what we can do to fight it. There's going to be a lot of talk about the Great Reset in the coming months. People need to be armed with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and their families. As always, we appreciate links so that your readers can also see this important article.Thanks,~~Sam (800) 604-1094 Office(800) 709-7535 FaxAbout Us | Earn Free Ammo


To the extent that it is possible, we must make ourselves more resilient. This means owning land, having your own well, a supply of food to weather the storm, adequate supplies of ammunition, useful skills, and close community bonds. It also means sounding the alarm bells about elite propaganda campaigns, legislative maneuvers, and bureaucratic fiats designed to destroy you. Prepare to dig in for a long winter.

 The Great Reset is upon us…or at least the powers that be are trying to bring it out. What was once a fringe “conspiracy theory” is now on display plain as day for everyone to see. The economic, political, academic, and media elites around the world are leveraging the chaos, confusion, and restrictions on liberty from the COVID-19 lockdowns and using them to radically alter society around the world.

What will this change look like? The global elites want to create a society of renters who own nothing, while also pushing a social agenda that would be unpopular with the unwashed masses and difficult to implement in a society with a broad, ownership-based middle class. What this means is that you would rent not just your home, but also your phone, computer, car (though you probably will “carshare,” the term for renting a car when you need one for an extended period and summoning one when you need it for a ride), and even the pots and pans you cook with.

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  1. Making yourself "resilient" only buys you a little time. As long as we allow the commies to remain in power they WILL eventually get around to you...and destroy you. Doesn't matter if you have a well, if you stored lots of food, if you are self sufficient. Eventually they WILL notice you and come for you. We MUST move NOW to exterminate them BEFORE then. It is US OR THEM...and if we try to just hide THEY WILL WIN.

    1. It is US OR THEM...and if we try to just hide THEY WILL WIN.

      Betting would favor they win.

  2. "Great Reset" my ass! This is nothing more than feudalism 2.0. If you own nothing but will rent, that makes one a modern day serf/ peasant. If have to pay rent then that puts the renter at the "mercy" of the owner, who can and WILL raise the rent. With the rule of law for the most part dead, the renter has no recourse. Also that means they will have total control over you if you have to "rent" everything from them. This is pure Satanic Evil. Genocide WILL follow.