Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Mother Claims American Airlines Turned Around Flight, Kicked Them Out Because Her 2-Year-Old Asthmatic Son Could Not Keep His Mask On

American Airlines turned around a flight and reportedly kicked off a two-year-old asthmatic boy and his mother and grandmother because the child could not wear a face mask properly when he allegedly had an asthma attack.

Amanda Pendarvis, her two-year-old son Waylon, and her mother were allegedly kicked off AA Flight 1284 on Monday, because Waylon, who has asthma, was having an attack and could not maintain the mask on his face properly as a result. Pendarvis described it on Instagram as the “most humiliating/traumatizing experience,” because of the actions of the flight attendant, who she named Carl and described as “truly evil [and] power tripping.”

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  1. I long for the early 1950s when Newark Air Port had just the North terminal, there were no TSA gestapo agents nor Jetways, male passengers wore suits, women dresses and kids were rare sights on commercial airlines.

    1. male passengers wore suits, women dresses

      What a novel idea. :)