Friday, October 19, 2012

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots Intruder During Home Invasion In Bryan County

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A 12-year-old girl took matters into her own hands during a home invasion in southeast Oklahoma.
It happened on Wednesday when the girl was home alone. She told police a stranger rang the doorbell, then went around to the back door and kicked it in. She called her mom, Debra St. Clair, who told her to get the family gun, hide in a closet and call 911.

That was when St. Clair dropped what she doing and raced home.

"I drove home at a really fast pace to try to get to her, and when I got here the police were already here. And they had the suspect," she said.

The during that time, the intruder made his way through the house. St. Clair's daughter told deputies the man came into the room where she was hiding and began to open up the closet door. That was when the 12-year-old had to make a life-saving decision.

"And what we understand right now, he was turning the doorknob when she fired through the door," said the Bryan County Undersheriff Ken Golden.

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  1. I'm sure in this case it was a panic reaction on her part. But it is exactly what I have tried to train my wife and daughter's to do ; if they get in here with you shoot right thru the wall's .

  2. if they get in here with you shoot right thru the wall's .

    Good point.