Friday, October 19, 2012

Into the Cannibal's Pot: Preparation for Genocide

Via Matthew


When most Americans think of South Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is the campaign led by Nelson Mandela to end the apartheid . Nelson Mandela who was considered herioc was championed by Hollywood Celebrities and the American media for fighting to end the evil white supremacist system. However as soon as Mandela's African National Congress took power the rest of the world stoped paying attention to what is going on it that nation.

Genocide Watch which is a well respected mainstream organization recently upgraded South Africa to a stage 6 which is preperation for genocide from stage 5 which is polarization. They point out that "Julius Malema, then the Marxist racist President of the African National Congress Youth League," openly would sign the anti-whote song "“Shoot the Boer," and that he has "called for expropriation of white owned land when he was in Zimbabwe visiting Robert Mugabe." Genocide watch has concluded "that violence against whites is now being planned and incited by one of the most important leaders of the New South Africa," and that "it will keep at stage 6 prepreation until Julius Malema is removedd from his position of growing power."

Despite the double standards that the politically correct establishment always tends to view whites as the oppresors its hard not to see parrales between the pressent situation in South Africa and the events that led up to the Genoicde against the Jews in Nazi Germany. While are leaders are always talking about promoting democracy abroad the situation in South Africa proves that majority rule democracy does not protect the rights of unpopular minorities.

Illana Mercer who was born in South Africa and who's father Rabbi Ben Isaacson, who was active in the anti-Apartheid movement has a book out "Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post Apartheid South Africa." Mercer makes comparisons between the United States and South Africa where the founding European stock yields power and dominace in the interested of justice and liberty. However the Black population in South Africa chose to seek vengence rather than persue those enlightenment qualities. Mercer expresses great concern that if the United States does not change course it will follow doen the same path of South Africa.

In the firs chapter "Crime, the Beloved Country" she deals with the horific autrocities being commited in South Africa. Mercer points out that during Apartheid the nation, which was based on Roman and Dutch Law, was relatively safe. The South African Police had zero tollerance for barbaric traditions such Ritual Killings, Human Sacrifices, "Necklacing(placing a diesel doused tire around ones neck and igniting it), and the practise of raping infants to cure AIDS.


  1. We should invite the Boer to immigrate here. Knock a few Somali and Pakistanis off the invite list and replace em with Boers.

    1. I'm all for it. Just think, we use to have a fairly sane world.