Friday, October 19, 2012

CNN and The Obama Administration – Weapons of Misdirection

Via The Feral Irishman

In the history books of wool-over-sheeple-eye-removal this might, just might, go down as one of the most obvious and over-the-top Machiavellian media manuevers ever.

Watching it unfold on live TV it did not seem right. It was awkwardly and comfortably scripted, and too smooth in execution. But watching it on replay the agenda filled manipulation was obvious. It appears Candy Crowley and CNN together with the Obama Administration scripted the Libyan injection into the Presidential Debate.

I’m not just talking about Candy Crowley interjecting on behalf of President Obama, and interrupting Mitt Romney, I mean the whole segment seemed like it was a set up.

So we did a little research:


  1. Interesting article. We all know that obama is a lying creep and that the media whores for him...

    Why is there no outrage against the lying media?

    The media have a very important role to play in America and they have perverted that role over the years, yet no one seems to care. They have intentionally perverted their responsibilities in order to manipulate the masses.

    Do we no longer teach our children the responsibilities of the media, the various branches of government, and of the citizenry itself?