Friday, October 19, 2012

For UN Day: Work to Get US out!

Here it is again, UN Day on October 24. This year the United Nations Association of the USA, along with others, is celebrating the 67th anniversary of when the United Nations Charter went into effect. Once again, the United Nations Association is asking its chapters and members to: (1) write to their governors to ask them to proclaim October 24 as UN Day; and (2) write letters to their congressmen asking them to support full funding for the UN.

On the other hand, The John Birch Society has been warning about the threat to our national sovereignty posed by the UN ever since our founding meeting in December 1958. There's a good chance you've seen one of our signs with our Get US out! slogan.

We've just produced a new educational tool for this long-standing action campaign, "United Nations: On the Brink of Becoming a World Government." You can read this article online or buy reprints of it for distribution to others.

The subtitle of the article says it all. The UN is really on the brink of becoming a world government. And that means we're on the brink of losing our national independence and our personal freedoms. Be sure to read this new article. It is complete with maps and photos of UN installations around the world.

Another new educational tool is the recently released, entertaining, but very eye-opening film exposé, U.N. Me, on DVD. Click here to see the official theatrical trailer. Click here to buy U.N. Me on DVD. Show it to friends and opinion-molders in your sphere of influence. It will even create doubts about the UN in the minds of your liberal friends.

Here's Your Action Plan for UN Day
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  1. Probably one of the best thing,s that could ever happen to this place. That and cutting off foreign aid to country`s that are openly hostile to the U.S.

  2. Getting will be tricky. We can't just quit, Iran would get our seat on the security council. In the process of leaving we have to burn it to the ground on our way out.

  3. In the process of leaving we have to burn it to the ground on our way out.

    And the downside.......?:)