Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodies from the Moneychanger

On 19 October 202 BC the invading Romans under Scipio Africanus at the battle of Zama in North Africa beat Hannibal Barca, Carthaginian general who had invaded Italy and wreaked havoc on Rome for decades. Zama ended the Second Punic War, and Carthage had to accept terms that forever removed it as a challenge to Roman control of the Mediterranean. Fifty years later in the Third Punic War the Romans captured Carthage, razed it, and *sowed the ground with salt. 

Oddly enough, on 19 October 439 a.d., over 600 years later, the Germanic Vandals led by King Gaiseric took a re-built Carthage from the Roman empire.

On 19 October 1781 Cornwallis, trapped at Yorktown, Virginia by a French fleet & combined French & American army, surrendered to George Washington & Count de Rochambeau. His surrender effectively ended the War for Independence in an American victory.

*Man, if I heard that one time, I've heard it a hundred from my mother.


  1. These people are so few in number it is a monument to either the stupidity or the cowardice of the human race , that they are allowed to wield the power over world affairs that they do.

    1. The desire for power is a terrible sword.