Monday, November 12, 2012

A hero betrayed: Wife's fury over SAS husband jailed for 'trophy' gun

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Unbelievable.  As if we need more truth that the country is doomed.

Mirror News
Sgt Danny Nightingale was sentenced to 18 months by a court martial for illegally possessing the 9mm Glock – given to him by the Iraqi army
A furious military wife whose SAS hero husband has been jailed for possessing a war trophy pistol said the Army “hung him out to dry”.

Sgt Danny Nightingale, who has served his country for 17 years, was sentenced to 18 months by a court martial last week for illegally possessing the 9mm Glock – given to him by the Iraqi army for outstanding service.

Now the special forces sniper’s devastated wife Sally claims he was betrayed and that the family face losing their home after his pay was stopped.

She said yesterday: “I  had to tell my two daughters – Mara, who is five and Alys, who’s just two and a half – that daddy wasn’t coming home.

“I cannot bear to tell them that he’s in prison and will not be home for a long time.

“Danny has been hung out to dry. He is a hero who has been betrayed by the Army and the Government.”

Danny will be discharged from the Army and get a criminal record. Even his former comm­anding officer in Iraq blasted the sentence.

Lt Col Richard Williams said: “His military career has been ruined and his wife and children face being evicted – this is a total betrayal of a man who dedicated his life to the service of his country.”
Danny had planned to fight the charge but pleaded guilty after he was warned he could face five years in prison if he lost.

He was given the Glock in 2007 after serving in Iraq fighting al-Qaeda and  planned to donate it to his regiment as a war trophy.

But he came home in a hurry when two friends were killed there, leaving colleagues to pack up his equipment – including the pistol.

And when he collapsed during an SAS fundraising trek in 2009, experts said he suffered severe memory loss.

Last year, he was living in a house with another soldier whose estranged wife claimed he kept ammo there and police found Danny’s Glock in a raid.

Sally added: “Two expert witnesses said it was completely possible that his brain injury meant that he never knew the gun existed.”

Danny’s legal team aims to appeal. His lawyer Simon McKay said: “I consider the sentence to be excessive and the basis of the guilty plea unsafe.”


  1. England castrates its "specops" troops, just as obama does to the US specops troops! I tell ya' Western socialist's just don't care one bit for the lives of military men & women. Particularly those in the specops community......

    1. :)I agree, but have to move Hussein to the Marxist column from the Socialist one, though as Bastiat espoused, Socialism invariably becomes Communism.

    2. Absolutely true! No doubts about Obama....