Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama and America's end


First, let’s get one thing out of the way. My prediction that Mitt Romney would win the election was absolutely incorrect. I assumed from the beginning of the Republican primary campaign that Romney would win both the nomination and the election, but I failed to keep three things in mind.
  1. The state polls, with their seemingly absurd +11 and +7 Democrat weightings, were nevertheless correct.
  2. The Hispanic vote continues to grow at the rate of one percent of the electorate every four years and is increasingly inclined toward the Democratic Party.
  3. The libertarian element that once voted Republican and now rightly refuses to support moderate Republicans of the Dole/Bush/McCain/Romney variety has grown considerably.
Eight years ago, I wrote a column about “the continued stink of an extinct republic as it decomposes into dictatorial empire” titled, “You can’t fix a corpse.” It was readily apparent, even then, that the constitutional nation, founded upon the revolutionary tradition of the rights of Englishmen, was already dead. So why does it feel as if something important has changed as a result of the recent presidential election? Why is there a sense of significant and lasting change for the worse in the political wind due to the re-election of Barack Obama?

The reason is that the re-election of Obama – combined with the manner in which it occurred – has finally extinguished the last embers of hope in the hearts of millions of true Americans. Even many of those who refused to vote for Romney on principle because of his proven liberal track record nevertheless saw him as operating within the limits of traditional American political ideology. They might have seen him as a potentially disastrous president, and been skeptical that he would even begin to address the cataclysmic problems facing the nation, but they saw him as someone who was genuinely concerned about the fate of the United States and the American population within it.
Americans don’t despair now because the president is a Democrat or because blacks disproportionately supported him. That was equally true when Clinton ran for office. The reason they are reeling with shock and horror is that they have finally come to understand that the melting pot is a myth, that the grand story of immigration they swallowed as children is a monstrous falsehood, and that there are now two very different nations living within the boundaries of what they had previously believed was a single country.

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  1. Amen. I'm surrounded by family and friends who are still in shock. You didn't leave the country the country left you, 150 yrs ago!!! True constitutional government died and the federal government became tyranical when it abandoned the principals of revolution and denied our fathers their constitutional right to self determination. I have spiritually divorced myself from the united States and find that it has really helped me to keep things in perspective.

    1. You didn't leave the country the country left you, 150 yrs ago!

      True. Screw it, as we've been right since then and there is no sense worrying about Tyrant Lincoln II.:)

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  5. Agree the melting pot is a myth. At one time, perhaps it did apply, but no more. Multiculturalism and diversity have been the buzz-words for the policies that killed it. Here's what many people didn't realize: without the melting pot, all you have is a stack of ingredients that have very little relationship to each other apart from their being on the same cutting board. I think that's pretty much a good analogy for what's happening, so let's extend it further. You should always keep raw meats away from the veggies, because of the risk of contamination and sickness. Is what we're seeing with all these secession petitions the equivalent of that?

  6. Arctic Patriot makes a point in his article "Principles of Secession" today that the South is full of people on welfare. How will we handle them when we've seceded? I don't have the answers.

    1. Welfare? Get a job or help from your family or church whatever. Just like it use to be. It is none of the state's business interfering in citizen's lives. Don't like it, move to England. They'll fix you right up until they go under.:)