Monday, November 12, 2012

Former CIA Officer: White House 'Lying' Over Petreaus Investigation & Several Cover ups Going On


"They had to have known and for them to say they were intercepting e-mails and reading the CIA Director emails and not reporting that to the White House is bull... what the DNI should have done should have done is call him and say 'What is this? What is this? What is going on here?' instead of waiting... They are not telling the truth. They get pants on fire award. The White House is not telling the truth. It is politically engineered by all of you would not be reading the doing the investigation in the diameter of the justice without informing the white house. They are lying." 
-- Gary Bernsten, Former CIA Operative 

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Ron Kessler on Petraeus Resignation: There Are Several Cover-ups Going On
onald Kessler, Chief Washington Correspondent for Newsmax “There are several cover-ups going on here. One is the claim that the President Obama was not aware of what was going on with the FBI investigation… Simply look at the facts. Is there any way the FBI would launch an investigation on the CIA Director without telling the president? The second cover-up was the fact that the FBI was told to hold off on this until after the election. I was told in early October that the FBI was outraged about this… It started in a very strange way. The FBI came across emails on his military email account in which he referred to doing something under the desk. And there was a misinterpretation that that meant corruption, something under the table. It actually meant sex under the desk.“ 
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  1. The White House is such a pretty piece of architecture, its too bad it gets sullied by its occupants.

    1. It will probably cost a fortune to have it sanitized once they are out.;)