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Voting fraud, censorship, group preferences - three ways the Left wrongfoots the Right

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Voting is a Leftist process. The outcome of a vote has zero intrinsic validity because it has zero personal responsibility.

Therefore when the Left engages in voting fraud, as it increasingly does at every level from mass immigration, mass generation of dependency, rigging of electoral districts, down to manipulation of voting procedures, intimidation, fake votes, open and public ballots, false counting and the rest of it - then the Right cannot complain.

Because if the Right does complain, it unavoidably puts itself into the position of arguing for something it ought to be against - voting.

For the Right it is voting which is the problem, not whether voting is done fairly or foully.

The Left recognizes that the process of voting is meaningless - what matters is getting the 'correct' answer.

The Right ought to agree - the difference being that the Right knows the Left has the wrong answer.

It is the Left's ideology which is evil, not the mechanism by which they impose it.

[Having said that - to lie is evil; the Left's voting fraud is itself evil, because it is dishonest: doubly-dishonest in its operating covertly behind lyingly idealistic justifications, and dishonest in its denial that it is happening - its covering-up.]

The Left is engaged in wholesale censorship of material in the public domain - from school textbooks right through to the cover-up of massive government evil-doing.

It is tempting for the Right to argue against this
as censorship and argue instead for freedom of speech, freedom to publish oppositional views, or a 'balance' of views, or whatever...

But the Left is correct to use censorship - censorship is necessary and desirable. The Right should not attack the Left for using censorship.

However, the Left censors Good: excludes
God from the agora; from schools, administration, newspapers, movies and the television.

The Right should be clear that it wants and needs to control the public discourse, just as the Left now does; but for the opposite purpose.

The Left uses affirmative action, quotas and preferential policies to appoint members of favoured groups to desirable positions, to allocate resources, and to propagandize their status; and it is temping for the Right to oppose these on grounds of functionality or merit, and instead to advocate group-blind policies, or objective and impartial hiring and promotions.

But the Left is correct to perceive that partiality and prejudice are inevitable and instruments of social improvement.

The problem is that the Left is evil, and so deploys preferences and quotas to exclude those who most deserve them, and to destroy society rather than to sustain it.

The Right needs to embrace the partiality and prejudice which the Left has imposed; but reverse its valence.

In general, the Right should be distinguished from the Left primarily in terms of its purpose, not its procedures.

The Left wants an atheist, nihilist and hedonic society of existentially-isolated individuals; the Right wants a religious society.

The main methodological difference is that the Left is free to lie and cheat and deny and fabricate - since that is consistent with its own demonic motivations; while the Right must be realistic and truthful, since from a transcendental perspective the means cannot be dissociated from the ends.

For the Right, the means are, indeed, very much part of the end.

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