Monday, November 12, 2012

Vandals graffiti "Beef Cake" on Lee Monument

For the second time this year, somebody vandalized the famous Robert E. Lee statue on Monument Avenue. Neighbors tell NBC12, they're tired of vandals targeting a piece of Richmond's history.
Hundreds of cars travel around the Lee Monument every day and on this holiday weekend, the words "Beef Cake" stood out for all to see. A Capitol police officer saw the message while on patrol Sunday morning.

As word spread of the vandalism, the group Virginia Flaggers gathered. Group members say they want to honor their ancestors who fought during the civil war.

"It's sad to see any monument representing a confederate or a union veteran defaced. In fact Robert E. Lee spent 47 years in the United States Army," said Barry Isenhour, a flagger.

Aaron Goldberg says graffiti is something he sometimes sees along the famous avenue.
"It's one thing to tag a street sign in an alley, or a garbage can, but that's a treasure of the city," he said.

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  1. One night they'll come and pull it down. I doubt it will be replaced.