Tuesday, November 13, 2012

General investigated for emails to Petraeus friend

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Jill Kelley leaves her home Monday, Nov 12, 2012 in Tampa, Fla. Kelley is identified as the woman who allegedly received harassing emails from Gen. David Petraeus' paramour, Paula Broadwell. She serves as an unpaid social liaison to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where the military's Central Command and Special Operations Command are located.(AP Photo/Chris O'Meara) 

 The career of Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is now in jeopardy due to the investigation of the David Petraeus sex scandal.

The Pentagon said Tuesday that Allen is under investigation for alleged "inappropriate communications" with Jill Kelley, the woman who is said to have received threatening emails from Petraeus' paramour.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said in a written statement issued to reporters aboard his aircraft, en route from Honolulu to Perth, Australia, that the FBI referred the matter to the Pentagon on Sunday.
Panetta said he ordered a Pentagon investigation of Allen on Monday.

A senior defense official traveling with Panetta said Allen's communications were with Kelley, who has been described as an unpaid social liaison at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., which is headquarters to the U.S. Central Command. She is not a U.S. government employee.

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  1. Eliminating the enemy command structure.

  2. Agreed, preemptive strikes to avoid having to deal with them later.

  3. This just keeps getting more and more scandaliscious! And the timing couldn't be better for Obama, 'cause Petraeus was the one personally 'investigating' Benghazi!
    Hopefully, Peter King can get him to testify regardless.

    1. Agreed all and Gowdy is encouraging. A sharp attorney from SC.

      From last Saturday
      Rep. Gowdy: Either Petraeus Will Come Before Congressional Committee Or He Will Be Subpoenaed

  4. I'm just an old fool and was only a private for eight years but I rubbed shoulders and argued with quite a few Army generals, in and out of the Pentagon, and I'd be happy to serve with/under the generals that Obama has fired, especially Petraeus. I couldn't care less about their relationships with women. So don't hand me that stone. I won't throw it. I just read Petraeus' Rules for Living on "The Daily Beast." My mother long ago sat me down for a lecture in which she said, "A person who pretends to believe something that he doesn't believe is called a hypocrite. A person who doesn't live up to what he believes is called a human being." For about 70 years now I have quoted her on that. Gen. Petraeus is a fellow human being, not a hypocrite. I stand with him.

    1. Your comment reminded of one on NamSouth which I just posted on FNC.