Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Walther PPX


For much of the non-shooting public, Walther is synonymous with James Bond.  Even with the release of a new James Bond movie this month, the new gun from Walther couldn’t have less to do with British spies.

The PPX is a full-size pistol on a medium-to-large polymer frame.  Stylistically similar to the recently introduced PPQ, the PPX is not striker fired.  Rather, it is hammer fired with something Walther reps called a “constant action” system.  It looks like a double-action gun, but the sales folks insisted it was not.
The new pistol is chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, with the magazines carrying 16 and 14 rounds respectively.  The PPX uses a conventional push button magazine release, rather than the lever used on some of the company’s more popular modern guns.

The PPX will be available in all black or in a duo-tone with a stainless slide.  Both models can be had with an extended, threaded barrels for the addition of a suppressor.  MSRP is $499 for the black, $549 for the two tone.


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