Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just A Couple Of Points from Classic Arms of NC


Almost from the first reports of this tragedy many in the media took to the airways to demand more restrictive gun control. For the most part the people who are leading this charge have never fired a weapon, have never been a part of the shooting culture, and are unable to explain to me how further restrictions on honest Americans would have prevented this tragedy. I watched an ABC anchor who could not even pronounce the name of the weapon he was describing, nor explain the caliber or function of the firearm properly, strongly  imply that we needed to get rid of these weapons. Make no mistake, the media is using this to promote their own left wing agenda.

I am offended by biased reporting, and I am further offended that we who believe in the Second Amendment are forced to defend our rights at a time of such heartache. It is a no win situation thrust upon us which can then be used to demonize us and call us insensitive. The anti-gunners know this and use it to their advantage.

Secondly, Stop calling the monster that did this the shooter. It is far too dignified. I am a shooter. I was raised in a household that always had firearms and held them, and the responsibility that came along with owning and using them responsibly, in very high esteem. I have been part of the shooting community for over 30 years. Gun owners are responsible, God fearing, family oriented individuals who raise respectful children, love their neighbors, hold down jobs, pay their taxes, contribute to charity, believe in the sanctity of life, and treat others with respect and dignity. 

They are hard working assetts to society and they are the finest people I know. These shooters do not deserve to be lumped in with the individual that committed this horrible act. Let's start referring to him as what he was...

A cowardly child murderer.

This guy in Connecticut, The Columbine Duo, The Aurora Movie Theater gunman, and unfortunately the list goes on.

None of these were a part of the shooting community. In fact, they never are. They are outcast, troubled individuals who cry out for attention and I have no doubt that if they could not obtain a gun they would use a machete, set off a bomb, or drive a car through a crowd, all in a sick grab for attention or to somehow feel important or immortalized.

The thing we can do is stop glorifying thieir actions through our media coverage and giving excessive press attention to these sick murdering scum in a chase for ratings. Also, when we do have to refer to them, refer to them as what they are. Yes they may be "sick " or "picked on ' or social outcast, but when they cross the line they are murdering scum and should not be given the pleasure of the media attention their sick minds desire.

Oh Well, I've been on my soapbox too long

In conclussion, I do not have the answers. As a parent I can only imagine the pain these victims families are suffering and I have literally cried along with them. Rick and I have talked about this and if we honestly thought that pulling guns from the market would in any way stop incidence such as this from happening we would close the doors tomorrow and walk away.

Unfortunately I am convinced that what we have is a cultural problem, not a gun problem.
I am also convinced that our second amendment freedoms are the greatest safeguard we have in protecting all of our other freedoms and even our way of life as Americans. When they succeed in taking our guns, I am convinced that our other liberties will soon follow. Then we all lose.

Please continue to pray for our country, pray for our leaders, and pray for those families who have lost so much in Newtown Connecticut.


An E-mail received Sunday from one of our Customers

Name: Joe H

Comment: I live in Connecticut. The gun owners I know are good folks who love God, their families, friends, and community, They would be the first to muster and defend their neighbors in a time of need or danger. The school shooting in Connecticut by a mentally disturbed young man does not reflect who these good people are. I think all firearm and ammo suppliers should participate in communicating to everyone how loving, caring, and responsible real gun owners are.

We agree Joe - And Thank You for your e-mail

Another e-mail from Ct.

Comment: Connecticut footnote: About 30 miles from Newtown, CT. is another small town, Cheshire, Ct. In July 2007 two convicted felons invaded the home of Dr. Wm. Petit. They bludgeoned him with a baseball bat, raped and strangled his wife, raped their two daughters and then tied them to their beds and burned them alive in the house. They were defenseless. At that time everyone in Connecticut, and anyone else who heard of this, wanted a gun. And sales skyrocketed. Many people who were anti-gun changed their minds and bought home defense shotguns. We all have very short memories.

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