Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oath Keepers to Provide Teachers With Free Self-Defense and Firearms Training

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Oath Keepers, a national association of over 20,000 military, police, and first responders, is offering free instruction in self defense, including the use of firearms and other tools of self-defense, to all teachers and school staff in the United States.   This initiative is in response to the recent tragic mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.   The volunteer instructors will be drawn from the member rolls of Oath Keepers in each state.   Those instructors will be paired up with any teachers and school staff in the same state who contact Oath Keepers and request instruction.

The organization pledges to keep their identity confidential, but will also offer group lessons or to come to the school to teach the staff on-site.   Topics will include crime awareness and crisis minset training on how to effectively respond (and especially focused on mass-shootings), use of blunt objects and improvised objects for self-defense, use of knives, use of pepper spray, empty-hand defensive tactics (such as are taught in military combatives), and methods of disarming an attacker who is armed with guns or knives, as well as use of firearms.  The first responders within the organization are being asked to volunteer to teach emergency first aid for serious trauma, including gunshot and knife wounds.

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