Monday, January 21, 2013

Coeur d'Alene And Spokane Celebrate National Gun Appreciation Day

500 people headed out to the Black Sheep parking lot to join the Second Amendment Rally that was taking place on Saturday afternoon. Many people had rifles and assault rifles slung across their backs, protesting President Obama's proposed ban assault rifles. It was all a part of the National Gun Appreciation Day. There were rallies in 49 states around the same time. Most of the rallies were at the state capitols, but many people in North Idaho didn't want to drive the eight hours to Boise. So they decided to form their own rally.

In Spokane, the owner of Sharp Shooting also wanted to celebrate Gun Appreciation Day. Robin Bell decided to host a couple seminars at her shooting range. Both of them dealt with how to be a responsible gun owner. Bell told us that she was doing more of a "Gun Education Day", just because she has noticed more and more new gun owners, all with the same questions. She went over many things in these seminars, including information on how to purchase a gun legally, how to get a concealed pistol license, what to look for in a new gun, how to store it safely, and more on the pending gun laws.

Another part to the Gun Appreciation Day at Sharp Shooting were specials on guns. Bell said that she has seen interest in guns explode in the past couple months. "Anytime there is talk about gun control, the number of people that come in increases. We have never seen anything like this, this is way different that previous issues before," Bell said.

In fact, the shop has been so busy, they can't keep up. Bell said that they have been low on different guns and ammunitions for months, and that some gun production companies are backed up 2 1/2 years on orders.

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