Monday, January 21, 2013

Garands from the Government II – The Guns Arrive


In the first installment of this series, if you missed it, I ordered six M1 Garands from the Civilian Marksmanship Program, or CMP. The premise is that now is the time to buy these historical treasures, before they dry up and get really expensive, like the 1903 Springfield has since it dried up through the CMP. There are a few details I have learned since that first article, partially from a post on the CMP forum. I wish the members had commented on our article, which was read over 45,000 times the first day it was out, so we’ll correct a couple things, and lets go shoot the guns!

I guess the most important thing they mentioned is that I missed some kind of rule that you are not allowed to re-sell them. This is a pretty big point wouldn’t you say? But for the life of me, after scouring the CMP website, I find no evidence of this whatsoever. In fact the site has no “rules” section at all, and the sales page specifically talks about Garands being hot collector’s items, which implies that you would horse trade them like any other collectible. Furthermore, there is no agreement in any way, shape, or form that you sign on the sales application , however there is a liability waiver.

Therefore, unless one of the geezers wants to come and comment here, and explain exactly from where that comment is derived, I am going to consider it a dead or non-issue. And no, by the way, none of these guns we ordered will be sold anytime soon.

 Next.The biggest mistake in the first article was in my description of the RM1SASSP, Springfield Service Grade Special, $950.

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