Saturday, April 13, 2013

Cardenas on Obama: ‘I Don’t Think He Gets It After 5 Years’ (Budget & Gun Control)

“They’re not real cuts. They’re a diminution of programs as opposed to savings in programs — and these savings are not something that his administration has ever accomplished in five years. It’s a waste of time.”

Obama earlier this week unveiled a budget proposal for fiscal 2014 that would limit tax deductions for top-earners, increase the estate tax, raise taxes for many lower-income households — and even lift taxes on tobacco. It would make modest cuts in Social Security by linking annual cost-of-living adjustments to a “chained” Consumer Price Index.

Now that the Senate has proposed its first budget in five years, “at least we have a set of numbers to work from — but unless the administration is willing to significantly move with Congress, it looks like it’s dead on arrival,” Cardenas said of the Obama proposal.

Cardenas said the gun-control debate also reflected the president’s inability to “get it.”

“We do have a crisis in crime in America, but the reason for crime rates and violence has nothing to do with gun ownership,” Cardenas told Newsmax. “They have to do with low enforcement. They have to do with mental attitudes. They have to do with the breakdown of the American family. They have to do with runaway drug consumption.

“These are the basic societal ills that lead to violent crime, and those are the ills that need to be discussed. This administration is not willing to do that because they consider a number of the impacted folks part of their constituency — and frankly, for their sake and the sake of America, we need to uncover and discuss the real reasons for crime — and they’re not gun ownership.”

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