Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rightful Liberty is Unobtanium........not so much


Between you and Rightful Liberty stand a multitude of laws made by Man.

Defending those laws stand a multitude of armed Praetorian Guards who answer to the Enemies of Liberty.

If you mean to exist in a state of Rightful Liberty, you will become, by definition, a criminal, an enemy of the state.

If you dare reach for Liberty, if you dare set out to secure Liberty for yourself or the important people in your life, you must embrace the simple fact that you will break many serious laws of Man, and many Agents of the State will take great pride in denying your killing you for the glory of the State

Most Enemies of Liberty would not hesitate to kill a kitten with a sack full of puppies if it increased their power.

You mean nothing to them.  Your death means nothing.  In many ways, your death provides the Enemies of Liberty with an opportunity to frighten others who might have otherwise considered your course.

Only the victor writes the History.

You can talk, bluster, huff and puff all you wish.  You can make any statement you wish about the peril that will befall Agents of Evil should they cross your path.  You can be a legend in your own mind.  Draw your lines of sand as you wish, and find reason after reason why they are not defended.

To secure Liberty you will have to break the most heavily guarded laws of the land.

You will be called a mental defective.  A bigot.  A terrorist.  A traitor.

Most of your Countrymen will call you an enemy.

Until you win.

If you can't embrace the Honor of being labeled a Traitor by Evil men and Useful Idiots, please be honest with yourself and with those who mean to go into Harm's Way to secure Rightful Liberty.  Stop blustering.  Stop issuing verbose and dire consequences that you will not enforce.  Voluntarily move yourself to the Auxiliary.  There is no dishonor in being honest with yourself and admitting that you do not have what it takes to be a man or woman taking point.  I respect you more, in fact, if you admit to yourself you better serve the goals of Restoration in a capacity other than direct confrontation.

A man must know his limitations.

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