Saturday, April 13, 2013

Time to move on



I love the hypocrisy of the liberals who post on's forums. While on the one hand, they praise Alabama's major cities which are in the South, they as a whole condemn the rest of the South for slavery and segregation.

No one alive today has ever been a slave on a plantation or master of a plantation. Most of those who were old enough to hold positions of power and dictate policies under segregation are dead and gone. The majority of the living today were born since then.

Very, very few of the living today ever had to live through either of those periods of time, yet they continue to beat the dead horse of slavery which is 150 years in the past and segregation, which is 50 years behind us. All while there are an estimated 30 million people in the world today which are still slaves in Africa and other third world countries.

They do nothing about this but, continue to worry over a done deal in the South stinking up the place with their hypocrisy. It's okay to remember those times and for everyone to honor them as they see fit however, always remembering they are the past and a part of history.

Those that hate the South in general and the State of Alabama in particular I would remind you that as a state Alabama alone has made great strides since those times socially and economically.

Alabama has influenced such companies as Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai and most recently Airbus to located plants here. We are doing great compared to the Rust Belt states so, the South is rising again.

So instead of these liberal nay-sayers accentuating the positives in this state and the South, they remain the ones living in the past with all their negativism and always looking back and never forward. When they free the 30 million slaves in the world today then we will all be impressed by them and their " superior intellect and knowledge."

They will then have the time to beat the dead horse of slavery and segregation in the South and then catch up with the rest of us by solving a problem which was answered years ago.

Billy E. Price

The liberals don`t like being told that slavery & segregation are in the past. There is no political gains to made from it in the present if they did.

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