Monday, May 20, 2013

Adam Kokesh Is Tied To Obama At Last? An Analysis

By Old Sarge

 Folks, I wanted to make sure no one posted this already. This article came to me today, and it apparently is a few days old already, but I didn't see it posted or mentioned here.


An alert Web-surfer obtained a screen capture of the evidence that ties Adam Kokesh to Obama's re-election organization, Organizing for Action, which was originally known as Obama For America.

The article, a video clip (below:)

The screen capture reveals that Adam Kokesh's Facebook page, as late as May 8th 2013, had displayed the information that Kokesh, from March 2011 to present, was directly employed by Obama For America. The page has been since taken down, then reappeared in an altered form with the information purged. Kokesh himself was reported to have responded with derision, but made no effort to deny or disprove the posted data.


The person who created the video clip offers screen-captured evidence of Kokesh's Facebook page, displaying his affiliation with the Obama Administration via the "grassroots organization" Obama For America. OFA has recently reorganized as a 501(c) group with the new name Organizing for Action. They are in the vanguard leading the charge for gun control advocacy and the national restriction of gun ownership.

The poster also offers a CNN article outlining OFA's metamorphosis as supporting data. The CNN article provides details on OFA and its current status as a 501(c) non-for-profit group.

The poster of the video also mentions more information at the website for "Godlike Productions". A cursory scan of the website reveals it to be an amalgamation of what can be most charitably described as “tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories”.

The screen-capture evidence of Kokesh's ties to Obama are already at this writing, 12 days old. In the time since this story broke, several supporting articles and discussion threads have appeared on these sites offering corroborating stories, all of which are untested single-source reports.


The posts and discussions at Godlike Productions lend absolutely no direct credibility to the report. What does give credibility is the actual screen captures themselves, plus the apparent sheer volume of people who had eyes-on the original Facebook post. The visual evidence is compelling, and the data trail backing up the connection is highly plausible.

If this report receives further corroboration, then this has established a direct link between the government and the planned armed protest march on July 4th in Washington, DC. The evidence will be clear, concise and beyond reproach, that the armed protest was planned and facilitated by the Obama Administration, giving credibility to the suppositions of a false-flag event designed to create the conditions necessary for government usurpation of Constitutional rule of law.



  1. The white house is planning to join the UN anti-gun treaty and sign it. Unconfirmed reports are that NON US troops are massing on US military bases in the CONUS. False flag usurpation indeed.

    1. I would like to see some evidence of foreign troops. If they're on US bases, some soldier has seen them.

    2. I believe they are just ones coming for training as we had during Vietnam.

  2. Another RED FLAG if this march would turn into a violent one.
    "All the 'assualt weapons" used to fight the US Federal LEO's while they were inforcing DC weapons Laws".
    I can see the headlines now.
    Be scared, very scared of this March.
    Papa Mike

    1. They say they will stand down once confronted, but one shot from a plant would be all it takes.

  3. Can you post the screenshot? It appears to have been scrubbed from Google images.

    1. Certainly.

  4. I have been trying to warn everyone I know about provocateurs in general and this guy in particular.
    Seems like everybody has Red Dawn fantasy's and think its wise to jump in line with anybody who starts hoisting a flag and threatening to go hot. All these guys going out and videoing themselves confronting police while "exercising their 2A rights", like CJ Grisham;
    are either agent provocateurs or just idiots who want to get on you tube because they don't have
    anything worthwhile to contribute otherwise. Thanks, because now Kokesh is proven to be the
    agent I always suspected he was.

  5. Without being a provacateur, and no intention of criticizing those who have posted, the question remains "what should we be doing?"
    We are discussing, we are documenting, we are righteously angry, prophetic and correct.
    This is only the cold phase and we are losing.

    1. we are losing.

      Agreed. Looking at your avatar reminded me of the book I just finished, Ripcord.

  6. Sadly, I once had the nerve to think
    I had it bad doing fast pt runs and
    hard rucking up and down A Shau valley
    road at Campbell.
    What an inexperienced and know nothing
    new soldier I was back then.

    1. I guess you are talking about Ripcord and if so, yes that was indeed an unbelievable fight and more power to them.

    2. In my reply to your last, I was talking about being a new soldier at Ft Campbell (ten years ago) and thinking I had it rough.

    3. Don't know why yours just came in
      I was talking about being a new soldier at Ft Campbell (ten years ago) and thinking I had it rough.

      I understood that, but missed how that related to the post.

  7. If he is kept in the FedPen system, until after
    the march date, I wonder how many posers will come out of the woodwork.
    You know the ones, all fire and brimstone, piss
    and vinegar, beating their chests and out for blood.
    They will babble on about how they had planned to fight
    to the death, no surrender and no quarter given.
    With chests puffed up and stomachs sucked in, they
    will swear by almighty God that this was their plan,
    until the march was cancelled; until, until, until.....

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead.

    Ironically, never was that more true for the British tonight.
    Along with all those who truly mean to do what is
    required to be free.

    1. Ironically, never was that more true for the British tonight.
      Along with all those who truly mean to do what is
      required to be free.

      Well said, Sir.