Monday, May 6, 2013

Army Set to Kill Improved Carbine Competition

Via mpopenker

 An Army soldier fires the M-4 carbine.

 The US Army plans to cancel its Improved Carbine competition before conducting the final, soldier-evaluation portion of this multi-year effort to replace the M4 carbine.
Program officials are in the process of reprogramming the $ 49.6 million requested in the proposed fiscal 2014 budget to buy 30,000 improved carbines, according to a source familiar with the effort.
Army weapons officials recently completed Phase II of the competition where testers fired hundreds of thousands of rounds through carbines submitted by gun makers such as Heckler & Koch, FNH-USA, Remington Defense, Adcor Defense Inc. and Colt Defense LLC, the original maker of the M4 carbine.

The service's original plan was to award three contracts to three gun makers for the final phase of the competition, which would involve soldiers firing nearly 800,000 rounds in three separate user evaluations before choosing a winning carbine.

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  1. 5665781 was my M-16. It worked fine mags were the only problem I ever had.

  2. Having issues with reliability. Was no given the opportunity to upgrade mags. These days there is no excuse 20 plus years ago there were not many choices.