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The Newest Mutant, The H7N9 Virus, Could it Be Headed to a Country Near
You? By Doctor's Wife

H7N9: What should I do?

As of the recent date of writing this article, the CDC does not have any
new or special recommendations for the U.S. public at this time
regarding H7N9. There is currently no vaccine to prevent H7N9.
CDC will keep you updated. If you live outside of the U.S., search the
WHO website often. Stay informed.
Since H7N9 is not spreading easily from person to person at this
time, CDC does not recommend that people delay or cancel trips to China.
The World Health Organization also is watching this situation closely
and does not recommend any travel restrictions.
CDC advises travelers to China to take some common sense
precautions, like not touching birds or other animals and washing hands
often. Poultry and poultry products should be fully cooked. CDC will
update its advice for travelers if the situation in China changes. This
guidance is available at Avian Flu (H7N9) in China.
The above content is provided and maintained by the US Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Okay, I'm on notice, but What should I be doing now to get prepared?
Here are some Helpful thoughts and actions to consider being taken now,
to assist your families in being prepared for this next epidemic in the
In our home, we are preparing for this H7N9 virus, and getting a two
month jumpstart on our normal farm and home routines schedule. One of
those ramped up to today instead of waiting until July, is making my
family's annual batch of Sambucus nigra Elderberry Tincture, now.
But what is that, and why use that? So glad you asked!
We use it routinely as a supplement, because consuming Elderberry
Tincture made with Sambucus nigra elderberries, is an effective
alternative to Western pharmaco-medicine. This supplement has shown very
positive results in preventing virus's from clinging to the body's
healthy cells and aiding the passage of the virus out of the body, all
naturally! The commercially made product, marketed as Sambucol, blunts
the haemaglutinin spikes on the outside of viruses and stops them from
entering cells where they reproduce, causing the cell to explode and
allows the virus to continue invading the body. Also, in vitro study,
its results has also shown Sambucol to be effective in increasing the
production of four inflammatory cytokines, which are effective in
boasting your body's immunity, suggesting that the intake of this
supplement may have an immuno-stimulatory effect and therefore be worth
taking all year round to prevent flu and other viral disease.
Besides, with all this research findings to prove its effectiveness, my
maternal Yugoslavian Great-Great Grandmother made Elderberry Tincture
for her family and passed on these recipes for us to use and bless

others with good health for future generations.
There are many clinical research trials on the product called Sambucus
available on the web for you to additionally search and read more for
yourself. Here are a couple:
Read what the Israeli research says! 99% EFFECTIVE!
"Retroscreen Virology, a leading British medical research institute
associated to Queen Mary College, University of London, announced that
Sambucol was at least 99% effective against the avian flu virus, H5N1,
and in cell cultures significantly neutralized the infectivity of the
Great! So Can I make my own? and, if so, How do I make my own?
Again, glad you asked! YES!
How to make Homemade Sambucus nigra, Elderberry Tincture
Note: Not recommended for administration to Children or alcoholics, due
to the high alcohol content.
Materials and Ingredients needed:
6 pint mason jars with lids and ring bands
1 1/2 lbs. of Sambucus nigra, Elderberries
2 fifth bottles of any inexpensive brand, unflavored 80 proof vodka
Order or buy the dried elderberries from a reliable health food store,
or from an online source. is an inexpensive
source to consider. also has several suppliers available.
Fill a large stainless steel stock pot 1/2 full of potable water, and
bring the water to a boil. Carefully submerge all 6 pint sized mason
jars, lids, and ring bands, and one stainless steel serving spoon in the
boiling water, and set your timer to boil for 15 minutes. Turn off your
heat source. Carefully remove the jars with clean tongs, pour off any
water in them and lightly shake off
the lids and band rings of water, and allow these to cool to room
temperature on a fresh clean towel, with all flat surfaces facing up, to
Using the sterilized spoon, scoop straight into the mylar bag they are
packaged in and fill each of the cooled sterilized jars with
elderberries up to the 1/3rd full mark. Set the berry filled jars aside.
Now pour the 80 proof vodka into the jars to fill up the jars remaining
2/3rd space, to near totally full. Leave a sparse 1/8th inch head space
at the top of the jar unfilled.
Then seal up the jars, by placing on the clean lids and apply the band
rings snugly. Place them gently in a cabinet or, on a shelf that is out
of any source of direct light and also away from any heat source. They
will stay here for 14 days. You can keep the berries in the jars for

longer, but 14 days will be the minimum adequate time for the berries to
finish soaking in the vodka. Take the jars in hand and once a day shake
up the jars contents very well. During this osmotic process that is
taking place over the 14 days, the elderberries will be taking up the
alcohol and successively extracting off the berries medicinal anti-viral
propertiesinto the liquid, to give you a quality finished product of
tincture of the berries.
After 14 or more days, (but never longer than 21 days), use a sieve
strainer to separate the berries from the juice caught into a clean
bowl. Press down on the berries in the sieve strainer with your spoon,
to get all of the juice from them into the bowl of tincture.
Finally, pour your filtered elderberry tincture back into the jars and
place the rinsed clean lids back on and tighten the ring bands well.
Label the jars with contents and date.
There is no need to heat or pressure seal the jars like you would in
canning. In fact, a heating process used on this tincture would kill the
anti-viral properties of it. Your tincture should keep for storage and
use for a few years, as long as it is stored in a cool, dry location.
The vodka is also the long term preservative medium in this recipe. You
now have your own homemade Elderberry tincture to begin using.
Okay, now while that recipe is being turned into usable tincture, you
may want to also create this temporary use syrup, which has a "no wait
time", to consume it for some protection of boasting your immunity with
a ready-made homemade supplement. It will get you through an unexpected
"viral flu attack" season, or again, through the period of time while
waiting for the more anti-viral potent tincture to age for use.
Homemade Elderberry Syrup
Note: can be considered for use of children over 24 months of age.
Raw Honey should never be administered to children under the age of 2
2 cups dried Sambucus nigra elderberries
1 quart of boiling water
1/4 cup raw honey
1/4 lemon juice
Put the elderberries in a non-reactive metal or glass saucepan, add the
boiling water and cover the pan and leave it out on the stove or counter
to soak overnight. The next day, low simmer the berries for 30 minutes,
set aside to cool a little, then put the mixture in a food processor or
blend them.
Once blended well, add the honey and lemon juice. Cool, then pour into a
clean mason jar or dark glass bottle. Store this in the refrigerator and
use the syrup daily.

Here, I offer other important considerations to take to help boost and
prepare the human body's immune system in protecting it from viruses,
and other physical and logistical preparations to make and consider for
your family to do NOW, don't dawdle!
1. Adults, and teens, start taking 2000 UI per day (one pill) of Vitamin
D3, and extra Vit C.consumption.
Note: The Fat soluble vitamins, which are vitamins A,D,E & K, can be
toxic to your body organs if you take dosages past the recommended daily
2. Begin to increase that dosage if the Virus jumps from Asia to the
US, to 4000 UI per day (two pills) of Vitamin D3, only for the duration
of the epidemic.
3. Also start taking one tablespoon of Elderberry Tincture, per day
and continue to do so, or make the Elderberry syrup and begin using it
now, and until the viral epidemic is cleared by the CDC or
becomes non-life threatening in the your region.
4. Note: There is a non-alcoholic version of Sambcus available for small
children, Nature's Answer Sambucus nigra Black Elder Berry Extract Kids
Formula, just look for Sambucus nigra at your local health store, or
order some online now. Don't wait until the virus is reported in the US,
because it will become scarce or totally unavailable when the virus
starts spreading to our country's geographical direction.
5. Prepare to not leave your home once the virus has entered into your
geographical region. Consider enforcing a rule in your own homes, of no
outside human contact, other than with those staying quarantined inside
of your own household or property gate. Consider options for your work
outside of the home. Consider having any normal prescheduled farm or
home need deliveries of animal feed, fuel, hay, or supplies done now,
instead of later.
A self imposed protective quarantine or closing off your property to
others is strongly advised if this virus becomes epidemic and deadly.
Bookmark and Check your state dept. of health and the CDC websites daily
to see where the virus is being transmitted from and moving to, so you
will know to effectuate this protective quarantine of your family.
6. Do not handle mail or packages delivered by the mail carriers or from
delivery carriers during this self imposed quarantine.
7. Dehydration is caused due to loss of body fluids by high fever and
sweating, in loss of respiratory secretions associated with respiratory
infections, with nausea, which causes vomiting and with diarrhea, which
are all showing to be significant symptoms of this virus, that can
quickly become life threatening if you are not prepared to immediately
counter their effects of the body and actively treat them. Children and
infants have much less body mass, and if they develop any of these
symptoms and continue having them excessively for prolonged periods,
over 4 hours, you should seek emergent medical help.
For the whole family's use, have extra potable water stored for use,
store Pedialyte, Extra Formula, Gatorade powders,
Tylenol,(acetaminophen), Aspirin and otc anti-diarrheals and remember to
get on hand extra of any medications you are already prescribed to take

routinely. Procure and store several boxes of disposable nitrile gloves,
kleenex tissues, extra toilet paper, disposable towels, disposable
eating utensils and plates and large garbage type plastic bags for trash
disposal use.
8. Stay Home and away from crowds of people. If you must absolutely go
out into the general public due to emergency needs which cannot be met
at home during this epidemic, you will need to wear N95 masks and gloves
at all times, with long sleeves and long pants, cover your body up as
much as possible, as this flu is transmitted by human contact on any
surface contact made by carriers of this virus. Don't hug, kiss, or
shake hands. Disrobe immediately upon returning to your home from the
outside world, disrobe in the garage or carport, and then bag up your
soiled clothes. Discard the disposable mask and then take off and
dispose of the gloves, into a bag lined lidded bucket placed outside of
your home. Wash your clothing separately from others in your household,
in hot soapy water and wash your face and hands, better yet, go take a
hot shower, wash your hair, and add the towels you use to the washing
machine with your dirty clothing. Don't forget to disinfect your car
wheel, and mobile phone, and seats and floor board and mats.
Again, make sure you have ample supplies that you will need to use, on
hand in your home, your vehicles, at your work place, as well as ample
food stocks and water set aside in every number of the locations you may
decide you need to move from or go to.
9. Make provisions for bagging up or burning your household trash. Do
not handle your curb-side waste containers that have been handled by
contracted disposal companies.
10. Take special precautions to wash your hands often during the day
with soap and water, before and after going shopping for your food at
the grocery, wipe off cans and packaging before you bring them into your
home from your vehicle. Wash up after handling any produce or food
imported from other outside countries, and after handling any food
preparation tools. Especially be cautious after touching any live
animals. Do not let your pets have free run outside of your property
gates. Use meticulous washing after using public restrooms. Use a paper
towel to touch a public restroom door to exit it. Wash surface areas
with diluted bleach water mixed at a 10:1 ratio in a spray bottle. Don't
forget to wipe down your phone receiver often and computer mouse and
I am a holistic medicine, practicing RN, and wife to a MD.
I have No affiliations with any companies mentioned in this article
other than purchasing some of their quality products for our home use,
nor have I merited by any free products or compensation for the
recommendations of their products.
Also, YOU are responsible for what you consume into your own body, thus
I am not advocating intake of any substance to which you have not
thoroughly researched for yourself.
As with any human consumption, allergies to substances need to be heeded
and avoided in the ingredients noted in any of these recipes, if you are
known to have allergic food reactions. Dosages of alternative products
made yourself need to be titrated individually and according to the

products used and to your body weight and age.
I pray that this information will be fruitful to you and will assist you
and your family, in being prepared for the next coming epidemic.
GodSpeed to your Health Preparations and May HE Bless you and Shelter
your family with Protections from this Deadly Disease!


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