Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Why Are We Disarmed When No Laws Have Been Broken?



I find it interesting in our Country that it is often implied that if you are carrying a firearm and come into contact with law enforcement; you will be temporarily disarmed. You are disarmed so that the 'powers that be' may determine if you are allowed to possess the firearm. It is this action of determining that has been rattling around in my head for a while.

Let me make something clear. I understand that different States have different laws as to whether or not you need to inform an LEO if you are carrying a firearm. This type of contact during a traffic stop or something similar is not the scenario I'm necessarily referring too. (It may happen during this type of contact and is not diminished)

I'm referring to an instance when you may be openly armed (legally) whether inside or outside your home and law enforcement confronts you. Most times you will professionally be asked to hand over your firearm so that it can be checked for 'officer safety'. Other times you may have guns drawn upon you and brought to the ground. Either way the ambiguous term 'officer safety' is at play in both scenarios. Why do LEOs feel so impressed to disarm citizens that have not broken any laws?

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