Monday, June 17, 2013

History from the Moneychanger

Today was not a great day in history. On 17 June 1789 the French Third Estate declared itself a national assembly and began working on a constitution which would eventually drain the blood of France and kill millions by war and internal Terror.

On 17 June 1856 the Republican Party opened its first convention in Philadelphia. They loosed an ideological war on the South looting, raping, robbing, killing, & burning, & I can't see how they've changed much since. The Democratic Party, which in 1856 differed greatly, today is indistinguishable from the Republicans. Both are unanimous in their hatred of individual liberty and local self-government.

Finally, on 17 June 1864 President Jefferson Davis made one of his biggest mistakes of the war, replacing Genl. Joe Johnston with John B Hood, who would eventually destroy the noble Army of Tennessee that Johnston has used so successfully. He was a delayer, but that was his job.

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