Friday, June 7, 2013

I found Roman coins worth £100,000... 20 minutes after buying first metal detector: Novice unearths 'nationally significant' find during first treasure hunt

Via The Drawn Cutlass 

Lucky find: Mr Carrington discovered a hoard of solid-gold Solidi dating back nearly 1,700 years to the decline of the Roman Empire

It's always nice to encounter a little beginners’ luck when you’re trying out a new hobby.

But if the phenomenon strikes on your inaugural treasure hunt, it can mean a significant payday.

Wesley Carrington was just 20 minutes into his first metal detecting trip when he unearthed a hoard of Roman gold coins estimated to be worth £100,000.  

Yesterday he jokingly suggested he may have ‘peaked early’ in his treasure hunting career.

The novice revealed he had bought a basic detector from a local shop and headed straight out to woods to try his new gadget.

His initial finds included a spoon and halfpenny piece but then the machine started bleeping to indicate metal some way beneath  the ground.

After digging down around seven inches he unearthed the first of 55 ‘solidi’ – gold coins – dating back more than 1,600 years.

Stunned experts later returned to the site and discovered a further 104 coins, describing the haul as ‘spectacular’ and of ‘national significance’.

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