Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Michele Bachman Attacks Edward Snowden Calls Him A Traitor (Unbelievable)

Via NC Renegade

Goodbye, Michele, you saved your traitorous side until you decided to leave.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition from now on.

Michelle dear, you surprised me. At least now we know your allegiance is not to the American people nor to the US Constitution. Thanks for the clarification.


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) let it be known loud and clear which side of the "hero" vs. "traitor" debate she falls on when it comes to NSA leaker Edward Snowden. During her questions to NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander at Tuesday's House Intelligence Committee hearing, Bachmann called Snowden a "traitor" and urged the agency to figure out how the leaks were allowed to happen. "It seems to me that the problem here," Bachmann said, "is of an individual who worked within the system, who broke laws, and who chose to declassify highly sensitive, classified information." She wanted the NSA director to answer "how there could be a betrayal of trust and how a traitor could do something like this to the American people." She said she wants the focus of the investigation to lie in "how we can prevent something like that from ever happening again."

Bachmann asked Alexander "how damaging" Snowden's leaks were to "the national security of the American people." She also wanted to know if the information he leaked "has helped America's enemies."

Alexander called the damage caused by the leaks "irreversible and significant" and answered affirmatively that they have helped enemies of the United States. He said they will also "hurt us and our allies."


  1. I had no doubts about her when she fully supported the "Patriot Act", signed on Bush's watch. That carnival corn dog isn't the only thing she's clueless about....

  2. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN)proves the point I have been making for years. Republican or Democrat they are just two sides of the same coin. We have a two party system to give people the illusion of choice. It really makes no difference they are both controlled by the same elites. We have seen every combination of control in Washington. From Democrats running all three the President, House and Senate to the opposite where Republicans controlled all three. Yet in every mix the direction of the Federal Government has not changed. The elite agenda is being moved forward regardless of which party has power. Any thought a "VOTE" can change anything is laughable.


    1. Looks like it, so the only way that voting would change things would be a viable third party.

    2. Sadly, I believe comrade Mao had it correct, "All Political Power Comes From The Barrel Of The Gun." In order to gain true power any third party must first submit to the elites. In fact, almost every news program, TV program, magazine, CD, movie or book everything you read, watch, or hear is controlled by these five corporations. Then the question really becomes who controls these corporations. Because, whoever is controlling them is also controlling governments. With the power to control all the information 95% of the public receive they control who wins and loses elections.


    3. I doubt even to most upright third party could make any headway in DC. I think the actual power is not with Congress or the White house but somewhere else, NGOs and lobbyists, maybe. I think a good third party would have a huge impact on State politics, though.

    4. the question really becomes who controls these corporations.

      I think a good third party would have a huge impact on State politics, though.


  3. Roswell got it!
    I knew also at that time Bachman was a 5th column, a phony.
    It should be obvious who controls the parties and the corporations. It's none other than your Big Bankers, aka the Elites, aka, Illuminati, aka lobbyists, aka shadow government, aka rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, Kennedys, Bush and other mega bankers/businessmen. Even Mitt Romney is one. It's the big bankers that owns the Federal Reserve and this country as well as almost the entire world. You will follow where ever they dictate the course of events to lead you!

    As for a 3rd party, ain't no way any 3rd party would ever make it. The system is stacked to high against any 3rd party. Proof of this was Romney's actions at the RNC concerning rule changes. He practically has shut the TEA Party out of the mainstream Republican Party. Both the Dems and Repukes can work together to quash any 3rd party anywhere else. Ain't gonna happen with no 3rd party.