Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Enemy Within

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Bob Dill, Publisher
The most frequent question asked by media and politicians since the Boston Marathon massacre is: “Why did they do it?”

The fact that this question is asked at all is an indication of the effectiveness of the politically correct pro-Islamic propaganda prom-ulgated by the Obama Administration.

The answer is clear: “These brothers are Muslims who received the call from a Jihad leader somewhere in the world to carry out a command to “Kill Infidels!”  It was a command from their god. They surely felt honored to be called upon to serve their master. That should not be difficult to figure out, with the facts available. Yet moronic liberals continue to say such things as: “This may be a lone act by young people like happened at Columbine.” How ignorant!

Frank Gafney is probably the most credible current source of factual information regarding terrorism. I met Frank when he was the top advisor on terrorism to the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He had no peers at that time. The Vietnam War was winding down and President Carter had betrayed the Shah of Iran and assisted in installing a “Holy Man” to run that country.  Gafney was the leading edge expert.

He understands Jihad and the Islamic threat, both external and internal, to the United States. He also is outspoken about the strong influence of Islam inside the current administration.

It has been reported that Russia notified the FBI that the older brother was dangerous and should be monitored. The FBI reportedly interrogated the man at the time. He went overseas for several months and returned. Why was he not monitored?

At least one source within the intelligence community has stated on FOX News the reason there was no follow-up or “red flag” pertaining to the Muslim brothers before and after the bombings in Boston.  It was reported that the Obama Administration has had the intelligence files purged of all derogatory comments pertaining to Muslims. This is an unconfirmed report, but something Republicans in Congress should pursue.

We had no successful terrorist attacks and bombings in the United States after 9-11 during the Bush Administration. Several have occurred during the Obama Administration and all have seemed to slip through the U.S. protective system and been labeled as something other than terrorism by the Administration.

The most atrocious terrorist attack was at Ft. Hood, Texas. It had been designated “workplace violence.”  The victims have been mistreated by their government, and the killer continues to carry the rank of Major, U.S. Army and draw his Army salary plus doctor pay.

Relatives and acquaintances questioned by reporters say: “The brothers were so nice. I can’t believe they would do something like this.”  “They were framed.”

Please allow me to insert a true story of an extremely nice terrorist I knew. For six years I managed the United States Army Commissary (grocery store) system worldwide. We operated a large store in Teheran. The only Americans on cite were a Major and a Sergeant. The store manager and staff were all Iranians. The store manager was one of the most charming, courteous, likeable people I have known. He loved everything American. The Major brought him to the States every time he came back to the Pentagon and Ft. Lee, Virginia, for meetings, etc. He was so popular with the officers, civilians and spouses of the organization, that every time he came we had an elaborate dinner party in his honor. He would do anything for you, including going to Greece or other countries and shopping for special items for some of the wives.

When the revolution came, this charming man who had spent many nights in the Major’s Virginia home with his family, met the Major and Sergeant at the entrance of the store.

“You are now my enemy. This is now my store. Get what you want from your desk and get out as quickly as possible. If I am seen with you I will have to kill you. I will not help you escape. You are on your own!”  The two Americans spent the next two days and nights walking to the airport and catching one of the last planes out.

Mr. nice guy was a cold-blooded killer, indoctrinated from birth, just waiting for the order to kill. How many terrorists are living among us and entering the country illegally daily?

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