Thursday, June 6, 2013

Muslims and “distributed denial of service.”

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5 June 2013

Delegates and Friends of the SNC:

Last evening, the Obama-appointed us attorney for the eastern district of Tennessee Bill Killian and FBI agent Kenneth Moore spoke at an “informational” meeting in Manchester, Tennessee at the request of the “American Muslim Advisory Council of Tennessee.” The topic was “Public Disclosure in a Diverse Society.”

Approximately two thousand citizens turned out, but the meeting room could accommodate only about half of them. Killian’s power-point presentation was a delivery of information about hate crimes, civil rights and the federal laws that prescribe violations and penalties. It appears that any disparaging remark about Christianity is OK but any similar remark against Islam is now a federal offence (freedom of speech does not apply).

I realize that none of the above is any surprise to y’all. Here is the rest of the story.
Outside the meeting, several speakers waxed eloquent about freedom of speech. One of the speakers was a lady who has a blog reviewing English literature on which she make an occasional reference to the truth about Islam.

About 2am this morning her site was hit with what is called a “distributed denial of service.” This is new to me, so I am relating as I understand it: certain organizations and countries have taken the time to distribute little programs into personal computers around the world. Because they are not “viruses” which affect the computer’s operation, most people don’t even know they are there.

Those little “bots” lie dormant until given a command which contains a web address. Upon the command, the programs begin to “hit” the named web address repeatedly, until the system overloads and shuts down—a distributed (because it comes from all over) denial of service (nobody else can get through).

The host of her site (also that of told me that it temporarily affected every one of their sites. By mid-morning, their tech people had installed over a thousand new firewalls to protect their clients and expected to install that many more before being finished. The lady’s site is still down temporarily.

That is the kind of people we are dealing with--troublemakers with no regard for the freedom of speech. They targeted an individual and her ability to speak to the public with a significant overkill.

There is no such thing as a “safe” or “secure” web hosting service. Fortunately, the owner of this particular hosting service vowed that he was just as determined to help first and second amendment groups as well as everyone who desires to advance the cause of liberty. 

He will not back down.

Christ's servant,
David O Jones


  1. Obammy, and Holder have no problem with DDOS.... Comes right out of Chicago!!

  2. If they don't know what dDoS is, then they have no business running a web site.

  3. Not very tolerant of 'Free Speech" are they? Just theirs is OK, not ours. I fear big trouble is ahead.

    1. Not very tolerant of 'Free Speech" are they?

      Just like our administration.