Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback Original and Unrestored with 902 Actual Miles

F118 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Fastback Original and Unrestored with 902 Actual Miles Photo 1

Mileage is mind boggling.

ESTIMATE: $600,000 - $750,000 
Get ready to be astounded. This 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 is an unrestored and original car with 902 documented miles on the odometer. Its originality is evident in every detail of its present condition, from the trunk-mounted Autolite battery placed there by the factory to the plastic wrap that remains on the seat belts, steering wheel and passenger seat. Bob Perkins, founder of Perkins Restoration, former MCA national head judge and presently MCA Authenticity head judge knows this car well, having first seen it in 1981. Its existence had been a consistent rumor at early MCA national meets before being confirmed by Ford dealer and collector Jacky Jones, who visited the owner and examined the car on his way to Carlisle in the fall of 1981. On Jones’ advice, Perkins immediately went to see the car and arranged its purchase on the spot. Perkins gave the car “a minor detailing on the bare metal parts,” then displayed it in his showroom until selling it to a private collector in 1993. It was shown publicly only once at the 2007 Forge Invitational, before being purchased by well-known high performance Mustang and Shelby collector/vendor Richard Ellis.

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  1. I am guessing the estimate might be a bit low. My guess is it will go somewhere over a million.
    (I started to say north of a million then remembered whose blog I was on).

  2. With apologies to Billy Joel;

    jealousy, it's such a painful word, i'm drooling on my keyboard

    1. :) Wish he had gotten the solid lifter cam in. My '65 Hi-Po came with it giving it a nasty idle.

  3. My cousin and I had a repair shop in Waynesboro, PA in the 1980's. We had a customer who had one and we did some work for him on it. I believe it had around 25k on the clock then. We both salavated when he drove it in. I then bought a '69 Mach I and did a 80% restoration on it. Loved those cars!

  4. Ahh, but if those engines were timed correctly with 3.70 gears,.... :) :)

    1. My Hi-Po came with a 389 rear end as I remember.